12 October 2008

what is wrong with this place?

ok, my history of native americans class is really starting to annoy me. by annoy, i mean it makes me think about what our country has done with expansion over the past 200 or so years, and how vicious and vile the american people can be when they want something. by thinking, i mean weighing in my mind facts and coming to conclusions that are pretty unsettling.

hmm. we kinda suck as a people, don't we?

let's see... native americans, africans, WW1, WW2 begat by the treaty from WW1, and the sideways schemes to pull us into the second war. the list goes on, but i shall not.

let me say for the record, i love living in America, and revere the principles the founding fathers set forth. i do not, however, love some of the things we've done as a nation. does this make me a bad American? did the ends really justify the means?

it's no wonder so many people stick their heads in the sand. the truths are difficult to swallow, if they are even understood.

did i mention i watched Lions for Lambs? i had not yet seen it, so i rented it. stupid movie that makes you think. my dad had seen it, and did not tell me how it trailed along and ended. i shall pass along the same courtesy. it is, btw, very good.

bleh. too much thinking. i'm trying hard to pass classes and maintain at home while work continues to consume the better part of my days for the next 7 weeks.

ahh, to be back in the days of intelligence without intellect... children have it all in the palm of their hands. ignorance truly is bliss.

i have a cat.

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Wien. said...


Yes, we do suck as people.

I see it down in Baja. Americans come down and push their adjendas on the local population.

It's ugly, just as what "our people" did to the native Americans, Africans,...and on and on.

It's the "I'm better than you and the let me show you why" mentality that drives me crazy.

I'm glad you have a cat.