24 September 2008


ok folks, here's the lowdown:

3 major projects at work
2 classes with lots of essays
1 full time kid that is busy
1 full time dad that is not busy
a wedding with the ex's family

what i need to do:
clean my frickin' house

what i usually do:
make it home from work around 8pm
change into my jammies
grab a quick bite to eat
pass out by 830-900 (yea, party animal)

i am tired

full disclosure later... i'm ok. thanks for all the messages and emails. :)

miss b


Wien. said...

Thank you for letting us know you're there. You need a personal assistant, one that will work for free.

Don't we all?


rsm said...

not good enough, soldierette.

If I can be nagged into updating... well...

Let's go...