17 August 2008

Daddy Dearest...

*begin rant*
You are a worthless, piece of shit, mother-fucking asswipe who does not deserve to be called "father."
*end rant*

Pickle had to go home tonight for the summer. (One week before school starts.) She got to her father's house, (remember, she does not have a key) to find that in her absence since last weekend, he has:

~ taken everything from her room, boxed it up and put it in the GMC Jimmy that graces the driveway because it hasn't run in years

~ moved his "stuff" into what used to be her room

~ told her she could sleep in the "game room" (where they have the computer/games set up)

~ will put a bed in there for her tonight

~ told her she doesn't need a room there anymore since she's not going to be there

*pulls hair, drools, has stabbing fantasies*


She tells me this in a dead voice. I just want to reach through the phone lines and yank her back over here to safety.

I ask her if her grandparents know. She says she doesn't know. I ask if she wants me to call them; she says she really doesn't care anymore. *sigh* If I call them, is it really going to do any good? The situation would be made worse because of it. I know this; she knows this, too. The grandfather would probably shoot him.


No. Must not think pleasant thoughts.

Anyhow, a week from Tuesday. 8.5 days 'til the pre-trial. Hopefully we won't have to go any farther than that, otherwise it's the end of September. Legally, all he has to provide her is a room, a bed, food and clothes. Looks like he's only doing what he absolutely has to do. There's a shock.

Cocksuckin piece of shit
*end Turrett's*

I told her if she could do it without getting herself into trouble or hurt, to take pics of where they are making her sleep and what he's done with her room with her camera phone or her digital camera. I will see her on Wednesday. I let her know I would be contacting the attorney tomorrow.

It's going to be difficult to behave like an adult when he's acting like such a FUCKING DICK.


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