28 April 2008

Isn't she lovely...

My babygirl.

Junior Prom.

Almost grown up.

She says, "Mom, I feel so pretty."


You are, kiddo, you are.

*begin rant*
Fast forward to today. She is grounded until school is out. She has had her cell phone taken away. She has had her car taken away. She must ride the bus and is allowed to go only to school functions and home.

Why? It was my weekend. She made plans to spend the night with a girl friend. (A group went stag together.) She ended up not staying at that friend's house, but elsewhere. When asked, she told the truth, as she always does.

The kicker: she was not grounded by me, but by her father, with whom she lives. (I find all this out tonight - because I cannot reach her and her sperm donor is not man enough to call me and tell me.)


Let's review. It's MY weekend. It is not YOUR place to punish her. She is a 4.0, goes to school, to work, and to grandma's. In case you don't remember, dumbass, I was THERE when you were at your prom. And after. And after after. Until roughly 11 am THE NEXT MORNING when we got home. She was at work by 8 this morning. What a horrible child. Moron.

Don't even go there with me. You fought and connived and twisted until you got the courts to let you keep her. You wanted to raise her with little input from me. You made sure of it. So don't look to me for support in your little self-pity tirade (yea, she didn't come home to have a picture taken with you - you were at your son's ball game and weren't even THERE!) You want your "all powerful control" over her, you got it. However, YOU alone must deal with the consequences of your actions. Your relationship with her, or lack thereof, is of your own making.

So I will pick her up on Wednesday, as I always do, and there will be NO shit from you.

*end rant*

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