29 April 2008

Hard Day's Night

I try to remember that I love my job; that I have a decent job with good working conditions, and quite a bit of flexibility if I need it.


Working for a family-owned business is sometimes, well, how shall we say, shitful.

Take my boss (please.) He, I and another driver were chatting about the price of fuel, and I remarked that if the prices kept going up, I was going to have to get a bike. He -apparently thinking he's hilarious- said, "Well, there's a difference between HAVING a bike and USING it."


WTF? Let's review. I work FOUR jobs. I hook up the drivers' trucks on the weekends. Plus, I raise kids and maintain a household by MYSELF. It's not like I'm some lazy bitch who hangs out eating bon-bons when I'm not at my desk filing my nails. Just because you're having "issues" with the fact that you didn't run all winter, and are half-heartedly making the attempt to take off the weight that you put BACK on over the winter after making everyone in the office feel like frumpy lumps every time we ate something sweet or drank pop, does NOT give you the right to make any kind of remark of what I might or might not do should I choose to purchase some type of alternate transportation.

Putz. (Look that one up in the dictionary.)

And THEN... oh yea, it gets better.

I head back to the scale room to avoid telling you what a fucknut I think you are, and having your sibling (who is the office manager) try to make me feel like a failure, it's a banner fucking day.

I have a college degree in computer science. I have taught Adult Education Basic Computer courses at a local college and a local Vo-Ed school. I have worked in several IT departments of some major corporations (BP, ITT) AND owned my own computer store at one time. I have developed, published, and used my own manuals to teach these courses. I have forgotten more about computers and accounting than you will ever know. So for you to say, "All that education and teaching, and now you're a dispatcher" really sets me off.

A) I spent 15 years doing all this stuff, and raising a family. I decided that the type of lifestyle it required and the toll it was taking on my health was not the direction in which I wanted to go.

2) I AM NOT A DISPATCHER. I have been a dispatcher. I have been a team leader for over 40 drivers. I have been a dispatch manager in charge of 8 dispatchers, 100 drivers, brought in record numbers for income, and taught board babysitters how to BE dispatchers. I am not ashamed of having done something that I loved to do at one time, and did it well. I am, however, not dispatching. I am brokering freight, managing the billing and accounts receivable, logs, and compliance records of a successful multi-million dollar trucking company in addition to cleaning up the delinquent accounts, analyzing the lanes for profitability, implementing EDI with major customers for automatic tracking and payment, and developing the documentation for training and job duties so that sometime this lifetime I can take time off and someone will actually be able to do the work in my absence. As this has NEVER been done for this company, I would think you'd be a little more grateful that I'm making your job easier in the event that I get sick, or should we hire someone new, we can train them without re-inventing the wheel every time. Oh, wait, I'm doing YOUR job in this company. Bitch.

I'm thinking of a word. It starts with a C and ends with a T. Today you are a coat.


On the up side, tonight is dinner day with my daughter, and this weekend my brother and his family are coming out to visit so I'm gonna get some baby-lovin'. *grin*

*yawn* time to give my pillow some head... ;)


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