11 November 2007

A Veteran's Day letter to my Heroes...

I sit in the comfort of my home, watching the leaves fall outside with the rain. I am plotting my next batch of homemade bread and crockpot chili. I get caught up in the noise of the game on the tv. I watch my candles flicker and throw off comforting lights and scents. I am yet surrounded by boxes and an oven that still holds my quesadilla hostage, but I am safe and warm. I am at peace for a moment in the chaos that has been my life the last six weeks.

In this moment, as many others throughout my days and weeks, you are in my thoughts and prayers. The comforts of MRE's; the safety of makeshift housing, the scent of close quarters with many others fill my thoughts. I can only imagine from the stories passed on to me. The long flights in moving home; the chats with co-workers getting ready for deployment to relieve those who have stood fast for a year or more. To those stateside who are standing fast; for those who are home; for those who are still overseas; for those who are transitioning, I send my heartfelt thanks for your services. Words cannot convey my true appreciation for all of you and all you do.

Be safe; be well. You are loved.
miss b


Wien. said...

Hey Miss B,
I'm glad to see you posting, and that things are going well. I can't believe that the quesadilla is still trapped!

Thank you also for what you do for our men and women in the Armed Forces. You are most appreciated.


Miss B said...

Good to be back, if only briefly...

Awww shucks, twarn't nuthin'. I love my Heroes. I wish I were able to do more.