30 October 2007

Dilemma Dilemma

What do you do when someone does something really nice for you? You freak out, worry, obsess, and wonder why they would do it. Let me 'splain...

Yesterday I cornered my boss about what I owed for the campground fees. He had mentioned he had pulled the camper out, winterized, and got it home and closed up for the season.

He told me he didn't know.

*blink* "What do you mean, you don't know? You're the one who talked to them about the initial cost and setup."

"It's already paid."

"By who?"

"Don't know."

*sigh* Ok, I'm not one to call people a liar...

"You suck at lying. Your chin is quivering."

"I'm eating an apple."

"Seriously, how much is it?"

"K and I paid it; it's a done deal."

"What?!! Why?"

"Because, we've been fortunate; who would we be if we didn't reach out and help our neighbors? It would be different if you weren't working and trying to make things happen."

"Are you sure?"

*scowl* "It's taken care of. We just didn't want to say anything at the beginning."

"Because you knew I'd say no."

"Yep, and now it's done and you can't."


"Fine. Since you're a guy and I mostly act like a guy, I'll say thanks. However, I suppose I'll have to get all mushy and emotional with K. Thank you."

*laugh* "You're welcome. "



Now what the hell do I do? Obviously, a nice thank-you gift is in order. Any suggestions? I'm struggling to figure out what to get them that would be appropriate for allowing me to use the camper for a month, and paying my rental fees. They saved me about $375.

Ideas, anyone? Captain Smack, I'm SURE you'll come up with something stellar! However, I'll probably lean towards Wein and Steph and their good sense. Well, Wein anyway! *giggle* luv ya Steph!



Wien. said...

Good sense? Uh oh...

I've been on both sides of this coin. I know it's hard to accept charity, for the lack of another word, but life happens and you would do the same if circumstances were different.
I know you want to do something for them, but what? A thank you card and small acts of kindness for the rest of your life would be fine. I don't think that they would expect any "gift" so to speak. They wouldn't want you to spend money on them. I know I wouldn't want that.
Showing true, heartfelt appreciation is nothing you can buy in a gift shop. They know you are thankful and you will show that through your person. Not sure if this is making ANY sense, but that's my $0.02 worth.

Wien. said...

Miss B. I had to put my blog to private. I need your email to add you to the permission list. You can email me at warrendickham@hotmail.com
I want to get you back on my blog missy!

George said...

A gift certificate to a very nice restaurant

Steph said...

hahaha, vibrators all round! I'm KIDDING! Ok, um, take them out for dinner?

Miss B said...

Wein ~ Thanks hon... I'm still not sure... *sigh*

george ~ that might go over pretty well... she likes to go out to eat. Now I have to figure out where!

Steph ~ ah, doll, you lived up to my every expectation! :P I'm thinking he would find that fun, but she's a bit more proper than that... now if it were my exes family, absolutely!!!

Tater said...

A nice thankyou note is all that's appropriate, and what would also be the most appreciated. They know you don't have a lot of cash right now, and therefore would not want you to spend what you have on them.

A kind act (of little cost) however would be a bonus. Cook 'em a nice dinner, babysit their kids for a night etc. Thinks of that nature are great, but don't spend cash, you'll defeat their kindness.

Cheers, hate not being able to stop by more often!

Tater said...

Things of that nature...


Wien. said...

Tater nailed it.


Miss B said...

Excellent thought, Tater. I was just always taught to repay good works with gifts. I'll let you know how it goes...

glad to see ya stop by - don't feel bad, I don't even get out here much as I'd like lately. But more to come on that... :)


Wien. said...

Miss b...I miss you on my blog...

Miss B said...

Hey W, I received your invitation. I will get there soon! So much is going on... so much. *sigh*

Wien. said...

I was glad to see you on the list. I hope that the "so much" you are dealing with is "good much"!