27 November 2007

Pukin' Turkeys, Stupid Shoppers and Kickin' Bass Players

These are what comprised my holiday weekend. It was a non-typical non-stop weekend.

Wednesday I get off work, travel 30 miles south, sign papers to lower payments on the jeep (yay!), grab cupcakes for my awesome niece and nephews, get my hair cut, get back home in time for my son and his father to show up from KY. Shortly after, my two daughters and THEIR respective others show, and it's a housefull!!!!

On the upside -- my bed is now assembled, my washer and dryer are hooked up, the vcr/dvd is now usable, and I had a "date" for my office Christmas party on Saturday.

Thursday morning, run around, get stuff together, drive 3 hours to my brothers', and have the best. time. ever.

My brother HATES gravy. With a passion. Makes him gag just to look at it. I swear he was adopted. My sister in law - the coolest ever - has a gravy boat in the shape of a turkey. It's kickin'. My brother hates it. When you pour out the gravy, it comes through a hole in the beak. To him, it appears the turkey is puking all over your food. It's AWESOME!!! (He's such a whiny butt!)

And then... and THEN...

They have a WII. For those of you stuck in the past, these are the new Nintendo virtual reality games and they. Kick. ASS.

We played the basic games that come with the system (bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, and boxing) and the kids (his - 7 and 4) are great at this! I tested out at 71 years of age. Look, I don't play baseball or golf. But I did kick ass at boxing and bowling.

I have to have one.


At least before my New Year's Eve party... dude, seriously, drunk boxing? It sounds almost as good as drunken Twister!!!

Downside - my Emmy Bug (my only niece) is not my bug anymore. I was bowling, I stepped backwards as she walked behind me, stepped on her foot and knocked her skinny little, two-year-old butt right down to the ground. I couldn't hold her, she wouldn't talk to me and she was NOT MY BUG. *wahhhhh*

Anyhow... amid all the fun, my SIL talks me (the ever-hating anti-shopper) into going to a couple midnight and 5 am sales.

*mental note* next year if she brings this up, punch her in the nose.

400 people lined up at value city. an hour to get through the checkout. a fight (no really) in the parking lot. Upside - got an mp3 player for my son for $13.82. Then off to Wal-Mart. Stupidity abounds. It was fairly quiet until about 4:15, then they came out like great waves of roaches. Shoppers... in pajamas... barely awake... like zombies with sale ads attached to their hands. It was nuts! Upside - got a microwave for $25.

Never again.

Long ride home, just in time to get back for... da da daaaa... colorama bowling! Yay! 3 hours of "just let me sleep between frames".

Home to bed, up early the next day for kids, friends, pictures, YAY. First time in 15 years I've had all three kids together for pics. Get them Sunday... the previews look really good! Then, home to get ready for the company holiday Christmas party.

Doin' laundry (yay - no more laundromat), trying to squeeze my chubby little butt into my awesome party dress, hair is perfect. Date is late. Of course. Rushing in at the last minute... but overall it was cool. Little dancing. Some card playing. Won a door prize (awesome Michigan mug!) and then the best part - Bonuses!!!

Out the door from there, off to change clothes and hit the local club to listen to the awesome sounds of my friend Soul Pumpkin (Or Pumpky Wumpky as I call him) rippin' across the bass like you wouldn't believe... Took the oldest girl, her bf, his friend and gf and they loved them! They played all the old cool songs (circa 70's/80's) and they were fab! Smoot Mahooty. Seriously. Check them out.

Home to sleep... finally!!! But am I done? Hell no, not yet. Must clean up the mess from the kids - son is now back at home *sniff*. Shower up, meet Pumpky for lunch at Kewpee's - best burgers ever - and back to work at the restaurant. Good night though; made my quota for the weekend... which is good since I'm now laid off on Saturdays and only work Sundays there. *sigh* 2 months til busy season again...

Anyhow... it's been crazy, it's been busy, it's been wonderful. I had such a great weekend with the kids... now I'm off to fix the float in the toilet(don't ask), put plastic up on the windows, and bake my supper.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday/weekend as well... One day I'll catch up on all my homework (had to get an extension) and I'll be back...

miss b


Wien. said...

Sheesh, you had me exhausted after the first paragraph! Glad you had so much fun/family time. Good for you!

Miss B said...

It was a beautiful weekend. It wasn't perfect, but it was as close to heaven as I've ever been. I hope all families have one weekend like this...

George said...

That sounds fantastic ... you have deserved a great weekend like that for a long time now. Glad you could finally let loose ... ever if there was shopping (or fighting depending on your viewpoint) involved