08 October 2007

Price for camper use for a month: $0
Price for electric/gas/water for a month: $0
Price for 7 channels on antenna for a month: $0

Look on people's faces when I tell them I live in a camper: priceless...

Some things money just can't buy... for everything else, there is homeless poverty used as a means to extract self-amusement.

miss b


Pixie said...

Great attitude... and just think - so little space to have to freakin' CLEAN!

Wien. said...

Hold you head up high missy! You're doing the right thing.


Miss B said...

pixie... you have no idea... lol

wein: thanks <3... the support is much appreciated right now.

Captain Smack said...

Well, it's like Mick Jagger said:

You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes
you just might find
you get a camper

rsm said...

I keep thinking that with all the moving and other suff I have coming up, I might just trade it all in for a good, van conversion motor home. The only real problem is the number of books....

But you are keeping it cool considering. Very proud of you for being the kind of person who "does what needs to be done" and doesn't let the world fall away.

How's things looking for the winter?

Miss B said...

captain ~ good thing i don't want much, huh? maybe if i want nothing hard enough, i'll find a house that i'll never have to move from again and my lobster...

rsm ~ good to see you again... i see you're transitioning back to normality well. :) i understand about the books *sigh* i donated 7 boxes (like you would get copy paper in) to the local library. *sob* i can't throw them away, but i had nowhere to put them and some of them i've had since i was a child. at least i know where they are if i want to read them again. lol

looking cold... good thing i have my Michigan sweatshirt and my driving boots!