11 October 2007

Jim... Slim Jim

Ok, I admit. I have my sneaky ways and fun little quirks. I love forensics, intel, and mechanical mastery; it's my forte'. Little did I know I was going to actually get to use my skills again this soon...

Background: I'm at work; the yard guys are getting ready to go home. (They leave about 1/2 hour before us office personnel.) I hear one fella radio out to another one to ask if he locked his truck, 'coz he didn't, but it is, and the keys are locked inside.


Ok, I don't laugh AT him... he's a cool guy, always nice to me, hangs out and talks, and he's got my back when shit goes wrong at work. He just asks what he should do.

"Get me a slim jim and I'll get it open for ya."


*laughs* "Sure." Thinking he wouldn't find one and I would be on my way.

Wrong. WTF do I think, thinking?

Anyhow, a few minutes later, he walks back in with a Slim Jim. (Not the edible kind folks-it's the thin foot-long piece of metal with a couple notches in it to help you unlock things.)

"Here ya go," as he hands it to me.

Gaarrreeaaaatt... now I have to put up or shutup. Ok. Deep breath; I'm cool; start walkin'. Make out like it's no big deal and he's never done this before? "Nope."


We get to his truck. Fairly decent Ford Expedition, little decked out and totally unmarred. Ugh.

I peek in the window to line up with the lock, start to slide the jimmy bar in the window and he's just looking in great fascination.

"Where'd you learn to do this?"


"I had a couple shady boyfriends in high school, and my mom was a cop."

"Damn girl, what else you know?"

*knowing look*

"You should see what I can do with a time card and a paperclip."

He laughed, and took off to take the slim jim back to the mechanics in the shop. Little does he know, I'm dead serious. When I worked third shift at another office, I used to have to get into the safety office to get stuff for the drivers, and a couple times I left my office keys at home and had to open the dispatch door somehow.

Anyhow... ego boost for me today... huzzah!

*does the hoopdie*
"Go Miss B, it's your birthday..."

have a wonderful evening...


Steph said...

Wow! There's a BMW down the road that I'd like a ride in if you wanna come do to Oz ;)

Miss B said...

*shifts eyes back and forth*
shhhh... they weren't supposed to KNOW about my hotwiring skills... i'll be there tomorrow ;)

Wien. said...

You go Missie B! There's a reason I'm proud to be a recipient of your comments on my blog!!! You show them boys what their tools are for!!!

George said...

I love it Miss B ... you're a certified kick ass chick

Miss B said...

Oh Wein... if they only knew! *wink* I LUUUUUVVVV men's tools...

George - I have my moments... *grin* Now, if you know any nice fellas with a pulse and a job who are attracted to women who can drive a big truck, properly wield a slim jim, and want a woman who can show them how to use their tool... just send 'em my way!