26 September 2007

movin on up...

fear not, fellow readers... i shall not be completely homeless.

I asked my boss today if I could leave a bit early for lunch so I could get a PO Box and check into some storage units. He asked if I had decided to move up more towards work. I said my lease was up at the end of the month and I couldn't stay there any longer. He looked at the calendar and looked at me.

"Have you found a place?"
*super enthusiastic* "Not yet."
"And you have to be out by Sunday?"
*big smile* "Yep."
"Got a place in mind yet?"
"Not yet."
"Mmm hmmm. Where will you shower?"
"We have a shower area out here in the flat that the drivers use."
"True. Whatarya gonna do, sleep in your jeep?"
*laugh* "That's the plan."
"You can't do that."
"It's not like I've never done it before."
He shook his head and told me to go.

So I went up, got the PO box, got hooked up with the storage place (a whopping 5X12 unit - two of them), and checked in with Junior, who, btw is getting the MUCH better end of the deal.

She will be living in a full basement, complete with bathroom, kitchen area, fireplace, dish tv, a pool table AND a jacuzzi. They have provided a large dresser and armoire for her in which to store her clothes. The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots and pans, a table and chairs, and full-size fridge, stove and microwave. Yep, babygirl has it goin' on and will be closer to school and not have to worry about rent, heat, or food. Damn.

Where was I? Oh yea. Back to the office. I've been walking at lunch. Junior has let me borrow her MP3 player and it's been great to get out every day now that the weather is not as warm. So I walk, and head back in to go back to work.

My boss tells me that if I want, I can use their mid-size camper. It has a small fridge, stove, sink, and bathroom facilities. Says he'll even take it out to the local campgrounds and set it up for me. That way I'd have access to electric, water, and laundry facilities. He said he'd let me stay in it out at his place, but he has nowhere to drain the septic. He talked to his wife; she had no problem with this. I would be responsible for the rental fee at the campground.


Well, it could be worse. I have lived in my car. When I was 18 and 5 months pregnant with Junior, I stayed in it for two weeks. I'd wash up at work and shower at friends' houses every couple days or so. I just had my bag with my HBA and curling iron and hair dryer with me all the time, a box of clothes in the back and a few pairs of shoes. The liberty is bigger than that car was and I can fold the back seat down and actually have a fair amount of sleeping room.

But back to the camper. I talked to my mom tonight for a bit on the phone and told her about the offer. As always in her nomadic, hippie-ish, totally supportive and positive way, she told me this was an adventure.

Aside: The kids and I have moved so many times, it doesn't even phase them. I always used to make it a game, and fun. They always helped, so they weren't just thrown into a new place. Junior remembers this. So of course, I have used the same "adventure, fun" line on her for her transition to Pickle's grandparents.

Anyway, I told ma that if I wanted an adventure, I'd join the Navy. She laughed. We've decided it's a blessing in disguise. I'll have a private space, it will be warm, fairly inexpensive, and I can save up some money and get ahead. Awesome. Downside, no internet at home or cable, but I don't have cable now, and I can always hook up my tv and vcr/dvd player.

So we're covering the pros and cons of this "adventure", my mother and I.

Can still cook, shower, and sleep comfortably
Closer to work; gas savings
I have internet at work if I really need to get to it

And of course... there's always the Cons:

Dating will be a bit of a bummer. It's not like I can have them come pick me up.
"Um, yea, just head out to Huggy Bear, take the first drive, 4th one in on the left. You'll see the jeep, the gnome, and the string of colored lights. If you get to the camper with the pink flamingo, you've gone too far."

More like, "I'll meet you there."

Entertaining friends might be a bit difficult. I mean, I can make it homey and comfortable, but really, how difficult will it be in that close quarters?

"Come on over, we're hangin' at the crib tonight, playin' some cards. I'll sit on the bed, someone can sit on each bench, and I'll put a board across the stove so we'll have four seats."

Can't wait to show my boss and his wife.

"Come on over and check out what I've done with the pad."


Holidays are coming. I have a 7 foot tree that I love to put up and I will not be able to this year. Although, my mother reminded me that a lot of times the benches open up for storage. Cool. I can open it up, put the base in there and set the branches up over the top of the bench. Might be a bit crowded when the kids come to visit, but hey, we make do with what we have.

You might be a redneck if you set your Christmas tree up in the bench of your kickin' camper crib...

OMG. I won't even qualify as trailer trash. *sob*

Hmmm.... camper conneisseur? camper queen? that's it! I'll be a camper queen! I'll be the classiest camper queen E-vah! I'll only live on the good side of the campground. Yeeeaaa. Uh-huh. *snap* pssht. No problem.


Off to pack... I wonder if I'll be able to fit my curling iron AND my crock pot in there?


Wien. said...

Ok, you're going to think I'm wierd, or should hang out with your mom, but I'm kinda excited about your new adventure!
Camper Queen, I love it! I have no idea where you live, what the campground is like, etc. I can only imagine what we have here in Northern California, but if you have real pine trees, you could use a camp pine for a Christmas tree. Run a long extension cord to your sting o' plastic beer can - trout - pink flamingo - cactus - trailer shaped Christmas lights and get the entire campground into the spirit of the season! We celebrated the holiday once in our trailer in Mex., decorated the top of a century plant (cactus type bush) as our tree. Used sea shells and spray painted moss balls for decorations...Ok, sorry I was drifting off.
You'll be fine, it will be fun. You couldn't bring friends back to your car either, so no worries about the camper. Can you have campfires?

George said...

Queen B ... that's one hell of a lot better than a car ... don't forget you ain't 18 any more. You may have done it then but today is a different story.

Is there anything that we could do to help?

Captain Smack said...

"Dating will be a bit of a bummer."

See, this is one of the primary differences between males and females. If you're a guy living in a camper? - the word "dating" means nothing. It's not even on the menu.

That being said, I actually have a good feeling about this. Your positive attitude must have warped my brain or something, but I get good vibes from this whole camper situation. I lived in my car for a while when I was 18 too, but it was a big car. And I wasn't preggers. Thank God.

Steph said...

Oh sweets, I'm amazed that you can put such a positive spin on it. I really hope you're ok and that you get your won place soon.

Miss B said...

wien, you're so silly :) however, my ma LOVED the string o' plastic beer can - trout - pink flamingo - cactus - trailer shaped Christmas lights idea... she wants to know where she can get some!

George - we're workin' on it. I've been mom and dad for 18 years. You learn to do what you have to do to get where you need to be. However, if you happen to know someone with a pulse and a job - send him my way. heh. actually, well-off with a love of travel would be much more enticing...

captain smack-what??? I would SO date a guy that lived in a camper. Wait a minute, I thought you said CABIN... yea. No. I had a little Ford EXP 2 door 5 speed with 2 seats and a cargo area... i'm just thankful i wasn't farther along; it was difficult enough getting in behind the steering wheel... :)

steph <3 i'm ok... have to be. *grin*

Tater said...

Well, if it makes ya feel better, I got thrown out of an airplane once (while in flight I might add) into the mountains of eastern Turkey. Then I spent three months marching through the mountains and living under a pancho liner. It'd of been ok if I had whiskey, but NOOOOOOO!

Oh well life in the 82d Airborne...

I'm a little worried about you sweetie, sure hope you're on your feet soon.


Miss B said...

Tater <3 <3 <3 As always, you put a little levity in to snap my stupid ass back to reality... Did I tell ya thanks? ;) *hugs* I'm ok... tougher things than this haven't kept me down...

thanks everyone, most sincerely... probably won't be around til next week though; we have the truck/trailer/dollies/ramps/straps and it's me, 3 girls, pizza and beer... anyone wanna help? *grin*

Wien. said...

Tell your mom to check out Camping World online catalog, patio light department.

Pizza and beer...I'm tempted.

Have a good week, looking forward to following your new adventure!