01 September 2007

Charming and the Hairy Cherry

Alright, so date number two with Brickman went by the other night. Another talk for a couple hours, dinner, terrorize the daughter night in the bag.

What?! It's her own fault. Junior was there when he came to pick me up, and asked where we were going. She said she might stop by and have a drink with us. He said "No way." I just grinned because I knew it was going to be an epic battle with her and him - they work together and it's a battle of wills all day long. She said she was returning some movies and going over to a friend's house, and we were on our way.

Junior started following us - opposite the way she was supposed to go - so we decided to have a little fun with her. We pulled in to the Holiday Inn Express; I looked in my mirror. OMG - I wish I'd had a camera. The look on her face was one Kodak moment I will never forget.

So then, so THEN... Brickman gets out of the car and walks back to hers. I follow, and she just looks like she's ready to drop. It goes something like this:

BM: What are ya doin'??
Jr: I just wanted to know where you two were going.
BM: Well now you know. Hey, do you know if Walmart sells condoms?
Jr: (Eyes popping out of her head, jaw dropping) What???!!!

*I am in the background just fuckin' dyin'. I did not know that terrorizing a child could be such fun... I have waited YEARS for this opportunity. Motherhood is worth every moment.*

BM: We are just going to dinner at XYZ.
Jr: Well, that's all I wanted to know.
BM: We are big people, we can go where we want.
Jr: Fine. I'm going.

We get back in the car; she waits on us to pull out. (I presume to make sure we don't actually get a room and fuck ourselves silly.) She's very overprotective.

Fast forward a couple hours, and we return to the apartment. She's at a friend's next door and comes traipsin' across the yard. Tells Brickman to come on up, yada yada. He says no, he's gotta work in the morning and they argue about who'll show first. (She's going out with some friends.) She heads in and he calls, "Junior!" She turns around just in time to see him grab me, spin me around where she can't see me and pretend to lay one on me. We straighten up and she's in the doorway, mouth open, not knowing what to say. She just turns around and walks in, finally leaving us some peace.

Of course, I catch hell upstairs. I just look at her and tell her I'm a grown woman, and if I like someone, it is none of her business - even if it's someone she knows. She's not controlling this part of my life.

Ugh. So I get to work the next morning and of course, everyone is givin' me the thumbs-up and knowing looks, searching for signs that I got laid. (No, I did not - it's only a second date - what kind of girl do you think I am???) I recount the story of Junior following us and they just loved that! I said I told her that regardless of what she thinks, I have had sex before... "what, did you think you just appeared by a spontaneous bang?" Oh wait, that's right - she did! *wink*

Drawing much laughter for most of the day, I find it unusual that the foreign exchange guy (FEG) didn't have his usual witty verbal abuse for me. Although, I did hear him making comments that he didn't think I heard. I just ignored him. So later that afternoon, he comes by my office as my boss is in there. He makes some offhand remark, and I tell him I've heard the comments he thought I didn't. He looks surprised, then changes tactics. He tells me I have the most charming smile today. What? He says, "Your smile is very charming today." I tell him it's charming every day and he's not changing the subject. He laughs and says I'm blushing, to which my boss agrees, and I just flash another charming smile at him (heh) and tell him he's not off the hook.

He comes by later and tells me that whatever I have on my eyes today is very charming as well. Huh? Let's see, that would be last night's makeup (I KNOW, but after I washed my face this morning, it still looked so damn good! Girls, you know what I'm talkin' about.) I said "My eyeshadow?" He says, "Yea, that stuff." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't have ANY makeup on and that I just look damn good when I have someone around who interests me.

So I meet Junior and her friend for dinner at Fazoli's, and the little yard guy from work who is interested in her comes by to be introduced by me. We finish up, stand around and chitchat for about 15 minutes, and decide to go to the mall. We pile into the friends' car and head over. Junior sits in the front (wtf) and I end up in the back with the LYG. Who, btw, is a little cutie and if I were 20 years younger would be ALL over that shit.

Anyhow, we spend about 2.5 hours in the mall walking around looking at stuff, and decide to grab some ice cream. We go into Ben & Jerry's (*swoon*) and Junior orders Choc Chip Cookie Dough, the friend orders some kind of chunky brownie fudgie kind, I get Triple Carmel Crunch - totally awesome) and the friend and I decide we're going to split ours so we each get both totally awesome kinds. LYG orders Cherry Garcia. Cool. We go out to the little tables and the friend and I talk about her upcoming wedding and Junior and LYG are at their own little table.

We finish up and walk outside to join Junior and LYG. Find out that LYG found several hairs in his Cherry Garcia ice cream. Now, how ironic is that? Quite frankly, I find it to be about the funniest part of the evening. We give LYG a bit of ribbing about it and he takes it good naturedly.

End of the evening, and the friend takes us back to our cars. Junior and her friend take off, and LYG thanks me for introducing her, gives me a hug, and I tell him, he's on his own now. Poor fella. I ask him what he thought of her and he says, "She's beautiful." *cue romantic music, soft lights, and goofy fuckin' grin on LYG's face.* I laugh, and tell him there's more to it than that. He says, "I know; she's cool." Ooooh boy. Is he in for a ride. I think she kinda likes him, but man. I don't know if she's ready to have a relationship, which is what I think this guy is looking for from her. And he's a genuinely nice guy. And gainfully employed, and nearly done with college, and good looking. (Um, yea, cosmic forces - you may now insert Freaky Friday in here at ANY time.)

So, a good end to a pretty good day. Have a wonderful, safe, happy holiday weekend, ya'll. (For those to whom it applies.)


George said...

Ya know Miss B ... I would be totally pissed at any of my children putting their noses into my dating life (if I had one). I am glad that you had a couple of great days/nights though

Miss B said...

I agree, George. It was cute the first time or two, but it really does get old. Hopefully he won't be put off by this either...