17 August 2007

File Under OMFG and WTF is going on...

So I'm on the way to work this morning - setting land speed records in the jeep again because I'm the usual 7 minutes behind schedule - listening to the Free Beer and Hotwings show ('coz they're pretty funny.)

The news comes on. I kinda tune it out because that's what I do. Then I catch a name from my past; a girl with whom I went to school, hung out with at each other's houses and passed notes to and from in history class.

She killed her mother and tried to kill her other half, then tried to slit her own throat and wrist back in June, and is still being held on a million dollar bond.

I had to stop the jeep.

I knew her.

I knew her mother.

I can't find any info (at least very little) on the whole thing. It's so strange. I was looking at the radio (like it was gonna say something to me.) "What??!" I kept repeating this to the air.

If you'll pardon the language... I was freaked the fuck out.

I had spoken with her recently. We emailed each other up until May of this year. I hadn't heard from her for awhile. Now I know why.

Holy fuck.

Don't get me wrong; I joked about killing my mother when I was younger when I was mad at her. Didn't we all? (Didn't we?!!!) And I know that suicidal thoughts come to all of us at one point or another in our lives. (Don't they?!!!) Ok, so maybe I'm a homicidal, suicidal nut-job, but really, I wouldn't kill anyone. Well, not anymore. HEY - I did NOT carry out ANY of the seven different undetectable ways I plotted to kill my ex and his parents when they tried to steal my kids. The psychologist showed me the error of my ways. However, nearly a full box of rubber bands met its demise.

But to actually do it? And why? What could possibly have been going through her mind? Obviously this is not the same person I knew in school. Hell, I'M not the same person I was in school.

So... do tell. If you could do it and get away with it... who would it be? (No names, just descriptions and reasons why.)


George said...

We all change over time, some for the better some for the worse. I believe that most people who go right around the bend as far as she did has mental health issues.

Yes, we all dreamed of killing somebody and most people think about suicide but never carry it out ... when I was suffering from my depression, I thought about killing myself every minute of every hour that I was awake, for months.

If I had to do it ... do I have to limit it to 1? like most divorced people, the ex excpet that time has healed the wounds I suffered at her hands so she is usually no longer on the list. Honestly ... it would be a long list of child abusers. If anybody ever hurt my children badly ... there is nobody specific currently on my list

Captain Smack said...

I think most people could be driven over the edge in the right circumstances, even if they didn't have any clinical mental health problems. And then some people are just plain crazy and delusional.

As for me, there is no one that I feel the need to get rid of...

not anymore, anyway. Bwahahaha!

Miss B said...

George - I guess we all grow and mature over time and eventually stop wanting to visit that dark side with other people... when I was going through the hell of the ex and the kids, I understood what the term "murderous rage" meant. It was frightening.

Captain Smack - I know what you did last summer...


Steph said...

Wow that is freaky.
I have two people I could happily do away with.

My ex-boyfriends mother who was a comlete cunt to me, and STILL talks shit about me.

Cherie, A woman I work with who pushes my buttons each and every day.

Miss B said...

Steph, luv, you wan' I should send my cousin Guido over dere? I'll send de account number... keep it clean! ;)