29 August 2007


Balance in my life is hard to come by most days. I have certain proclivities, certain patterns, expectations, and habits. People interfering with these often cause me to become a bit nervous. This morning was no exception.

My boss dropped his pickup truck off at a place in our town that does seat reupholstery. They've done several seats for our towlifts and trackmobiles, so he wanted some work done on his. This means my happy ass had to pick him up at 6:30 (about the time I'm usually jumping out of the shower) and come to work 1/2 hour earlier. ugh. no time to stop for cappucino this morning. ugh. breakfast through McHell's. double ugh. ok, single ugh; he bought... i can stomach their sausage biscuit.

ANYHOW - to say that I'm not used to having anyone in near proximity except my kids is an understatement. I put my bookbag in my backseat with my jacket, and my purse up front in the passenger seat for close keeping in the event I'm pulled over or need something quick, like i.d. or change. Ohhh no. Not today.

Now there's this MAN in the front seat of my Jeep. Fairly tall, lol - Liberty is not a big vehicle - and I have to look around him to the mirror, to see crossroads, and he's a yakker. He's my boss, so I drive different than I would by myself. I have my "quiet time" in the morning on the way to work, listening to FB&H and he's on about this, and that, and work gossip. K, I KNOW. I'm not an office politics kinda gal. I am, however, intelligent enough to sieze opportunities to gain knowledge which may benefit me at a later time. *sigh* So I persevered. And will again this afternoon to take him back to his truck. Thankfully, it's only for one day!

I understand now what Captain Crazy used to say about how when I first started riding in the truck with him that I "threw the balance of the truck off." Then it got to a point that when I didn't ride with him, the balance was off again. *smile* Pardon me, memory moment.

And then....
Speaking of being unbalanced...


As if it's not difficult enough to be blonde...

barbie strikes again

And she'll marry well and live happily ever after; while I, in my stupidity-free zone, will travel life alone and wonder why I was born with a brain.


Wien is back!!! Wien is back!!! <3 I'm looking forward to stories of the trip and pictures!!! YAY... and of course, more ex-drama... lol. Welcome back, babygirl!

And where the hell is Tater?

I'm perusing more new blogs... searching for the elusive fun... but for now, back to work... it is a file til my hands bleed day...

have a wonderful one...

and yes, to you folks, I'm ok.



Captain Smack said...

I was once in a beauty pageant when I was 8, "Little Miss Moonshine". At least they said it was a beauty pageant, but it seemed more like a bunch of drunk hicks having fun on the weekend, hootin' and hollerin' while I walked around in a dress.

Ah, such happy childhood memories...

George said...

B ... I had to drive my boss, the fucking tyrant, once and it was too much ... god I hated that day

hang in and don't get blood on the important files, on your clothes is OK though

Miss B said...

captain smack - that was my 8th birthday slumber party... remember?

george - heh... it turned out ok. a free steak dinner always helps smooth out the wrinkles. :)