27 August 2007

Back to Good

well... maybe not totally good, but a whole lot better than last friday...

i had a swing... a sudden, massive, i'm-doing-fine-and-then *bam*... the world fell out from under me. no idea why. no way to stop it. the scary part is that it came on so sudden. i was actually frightened for the first time in a long time. my youngest girl met me at work and followed me home. it was all i could do to drive the jeep. i was barely doing 50. i don't remember much of the ride home. i just remember thinking my baby girl was following me so i had to stay on the road, and how i was so bone tired i just wanted to stop.

we got back to the apartment, and i got into my jersey and parked myself on the couch. i knew better. i wasn't going anywhere. pickle stayed with me that night. we watched a couple movies; i really tried to be "there". she even hugged me and snuggled for a bit... i must've been bad off. usually she just makes a sarcastic remark and basically tells me to get over myself...

there was no crying with this one, no feeling "hopeless". just debilitated. the next morning, junior came home and talked me into going to the boat races on the lake in town. we walked and talked, shared a few good bonding moments. i was functional. into work at 5 (behind the bar - thank God - i'd have been useless on the floor waiting tables) and 6 hours of autopilot. cruising home, cool air, and just crashed.

sunday was better... of course the weather was gorgeous all weekend... but the spirits were up, and good thing. one of the girls was fired and i was waitressing. good tips. decent customers. please God, let me marry well and never have to wait tables again.

didn't even check the usual reads...
.:.my babygirl steph is under the weather *hugs and big hair pats hon*
.:.my alter ego is going away... guess i'll have to learn to be a wicked little vixen on my own... *sniff* you will be missed, joan, and best to you in all your adventures!
.:.RSM is nearly halfway through basic... the guest bloggers are holding down the fort...
.:.george had a good read from the weekend... as always, he comes up with stuff that makes me think... i LUV an intellectual stimulation... and of course, I swiped his quiz because i couldn't come up with anything original... i'm just now starting to look at my books from class (after not touching them for a week)...

You scored as Exciting, You are exciting, people want to fuck your brains out and you know it. Whether it's in an airplane or on the back of the bus, sex with you is always exciting.

















What is your sexual style?
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so... i'm "exciting"... heh... well, maybe later this week...

hope everyone else's weekend was better...


Certis said...

You scored as a Soft
You are nice and soft, you love everyone and everyone loves you, while you are fiery or too exciting, you are always pleasant.

Soft 88%

Hot 88%

Sweet 75%

Wet 75%

Exciting 69%

Shy 31%

Awkward 19%

Violent 13%

George said...

Miss B ... glad to hear you're feeling better. I have been through what you have and it is debilitating when it happens ... I usually end up crying uncontrolably and go to the hospital to talk to the emergency mental health therapsit for a while.

Stay well

Wien. said...

Hello Miss B,

I'm back and finally remembered my passwords and got the computer up and running. I'm glad to find that you are on the up-swing.
Be well, you are loved and I'm looking forward to being back in the swing of things myself, IF I can remember passwords and such....

Catch you soon!

Miss B said...

certis... somehow that does not surprise me; but i won't tell anyone! *wink*

george... thank you *hugs* i've only had that happen one other time. it frightened me as much back then.

wien!!! <3 yay!!! i can't wait to hear all about your fun; glad you're back!