03 July 2007

Why I love driving...

The hum of the motor; the click of the shifter as it falls into gear.

Windin' up the low side, flippin' my lever and doin' it again on the high side.
Shift, slide, pull, click.

The feel of the wheel in my hand as I execute a perfect turn.

The singing tires; the sway of the truck as I change lanes. The feel of 80,000 pounds runnin' 80 mph.
Jammin' into gear on the downshift; hearing the jakes scream badass through straight stacks.

The feeling in my chest when I back it in in one shot... after someone else takes 10 minutes and three pull-ups to do so.

Climbing on top of the tank to pull the levers and flip the lids.

The chuckle I get from the look on people's faces when I drive by... not the men... lol... the high-maintenance little girls whose mouths drop open and they stand up straight ...

Night driving - the breeze in my hair, the lights from the dash, and the white noise from the cb.

Flashing the mark lights as I pass another truck --...

The feel of the shifter in my hand, resting my palm on top, caressing the hi-lo lever's underside with my ring finger, running my thumb in little circles over the button, lazily running my hand up and down the stick then back up on top of the knob...

still with me fellas?

miss b


Tater said...

"Climbing on top of the tank to pull the levers and flip the lids."

Hey, I know what that means!(learned it from a previous question on a preavious post)

I like driving too, the roar of the engine; the slight little shutter as you go supersonic; the little bump you get as two one ton bombs fall of the wings...

Ok, I'm bragging--sorry! But that's what ya get for all the "caressing levers" stuff!!

Me & payback are a biyatch! ;-)


Miss B said...

hmm, sounds like the roar of the turbos, the little shudder as you wind 13th up til she's buried and levels out, and the little bump when you get when you tag the rumble strips... *snap* pssshhh

heh heh... c'mon flyboy... let me see ya back up a 53-foot trailer on a long-nose pete... *wags eyebrows* anyone can drive anything forward, least that's what my trainer always told me... =;^D

as always, hero, good to see ya! have yourself a safe, fun 4th.


George said...

There is about to be a law passed here (not sure if it is the whole country or just this province ... it will make speed limiters mandatory and used on all semis ... set to 105 kph (65 mph). Can you believe that? The average highway speed for most drivers (automobiles) is about 120 (75 mph).

Miss B said...

i believe it, george... when we used to run across the 401, we could set our cruise at 70mph (about 110) and they didn't look at us, and we were just keeping up with traffic. Any faster though, and the OPP were right there. Gotta tell ya, I'm not scared of much (drivin' a truck, crossin' the border) but OPP and the DOT up there was something of which I didn't want any part! *grin* They made the Buckeye bears looks like pansies.