08 June 2007

It's a good hair day...

As I was lost in my homework last night (Intro to Geology and Human Sexuality) I realize these two very much symbolize the empty spots in my life: travelling and love. Greeeaaaat. Only 7 more weeks of intense reminders that this black hole of an existence I call my life is sucking my mind from me. Cool.


:) my hair looks good today! Amazing what a little shampoo and conditioner can do, when you have the strength to use them.

Which is good because at work, it is once again the day from hell. The load that I cover 3-5 times every week is now again open (1 load - covered, dropped, covered, dropped, covered, dropped). The company that was to pick it up YESTERDAY let me know 20 minutes ago that they couldn't find anyone for it. Duh. I knew that when they didn't call for the pickup number, respond to my calls/emails, or let me know there was an issue. YESTERDAY. When I had 3 companies call me and let me know they had trucks in the area. YESTERDAY. Because no one has them in the area TODAY, to load in the next 3.5 HOURS. *sigh*


Anyhow, I'm on my way into work today with my good hair. I stop at the gas station to fuel up and grab my Friday cappucino (and the boss' because it's just a good way to fight off being late when I go through this - I will NOT say asskiss yet.) I'm cruisin' down the road, no radio, windows down, just the sound of the wind and my thoughts. Most generally I have music on everywhere I am - home, work, jeep - but some days it's too distracting. Today was that day. I was reflecting on the past 24 hours and where I was.

I get to work and find that I am expected to be the Tag Bitch again immediately. (Empty Tubs piled on my desk and chair.) My boss gets on me about my not-so-stellar timeliness. I'm still filing logs, and then I find out my freight is not covered, right before I find out my family doctor is no longer in practice. The replacement doc - who IS taking patients, but is scheduled out til the end of the month - takes my number because the "computers are down" and they need to call me back. Heh. *actually laughing maniacally at this point; feeling the vein in the side of my head throbbing because my head is either going to explode, or spin completely off my shoulders in an unknown direction*

I can't fucking kill myself - what would I do for hilarity???

Back to this morning. I reflect on what has made me smile in the past 24 hours (in no particular order.)

I had a surprise email from a new acquaintance somewhere on the other side of the world. He is amusing, so far. I love witty banter!

I have several notes of encouragement from virtual friends and acquaintances on my page and in my email.

I also have messages within those messages of encouragement which, de-coded, say "get off your sorry ass, straighten up, and get your shit together 'coz we're tired of the whiny little bitchfest. But we love you." ;)

I have coordinated a project within my team of 63 writers for SA to send out hundreds of Dear Hero support morale letters to an entire command group headed by an Army Major. My writers tell me how wonderful a job I'm doing and they're glad to be part of my group.

I rub keystrokes (doesn't that sound just a bit naughty? *giggle*) with a few higher-ranking military officials (of all branches) whom if it weren't for SA or my blog, I never would have met. And they type the same way I do. (A general, 2 LTC's, a Sergeant Major, a Major, and a Captain.) Ok, I know, I'm rank-dropping, but dammit, how often do you get to say you talk to a Lt Colonel or Major in a non-military capacity? (Shush, Tater-let me have my moment!)

I played Tag. And Won. At Work. heh. I start laughing before he even makes it over to me now.

I painted my toenails Summer Pink *wiggle toes*

I apologized to my best friend for being pissy and hateful with her. She told me she loved me. Awwww *sniff*

One of my new blog faves posted something that reminded me of a passing happy moment. Ok, not so much happy as pretty frickin' funny. So I shall blog that, miss Steph. ;)
I walked into the house and it was STILL clean. Well, except for Junior's 7 pairs of shoes in the dining room. All from the same day. I have, like, 4 pairs of shoes. These encompass work, play and relaxation. *shaking head*

The State Police show up at work today, looking for someone over an issue with speeding tickets. *Ahem* My name is Olivia and I am from southern Mississippi... No, it was not me... clean license as of last year... *knock wood*

One of the drivers came in and commented on my hair... (I'm tellin' ya, when I got the hair thing goin' on, it's ON)

One of my dearest friends sent me some comics that are hilarious. She has a great sense of timing. Always.

I am blessed ~ thank you Tater, George, Wien, RSM, Angie, Marsha, and Professor D for your words of encouragement and silence of understanding, helping me realize I am not alone and it's not so bad. There are a lot of people out there who are just as fucked up as I am, and try just as hard to hide it from the rest of the world, too. buahahahaha

Ok, let's review:

~*~My children love me
~*~I have a job
~*~I am educated (and continuing becoming educated)
~*~I am free
~*~I still have my health
~*~My extended family and friends have their health
~*~I have survived beatings, starvation, poverty, manic depression and my own stupidity.
~*~I have maintained my sense of humor throughout.

And really, isn't that what it's all about?

Well, that and great hair... *wink*

miss b


Tater said...

Oh go ahead and rub in the "Great Hair" dig to us follically challenged types!!!

Haven't had a good hair day since the 70s :-(

Miss B said...

tater, hon, i've seen you (unless you fibbed and that wasn't you) and the hair thing: non-issue.

hel-loooo, you fly fighter jets... you could have a horn growing out of your chin *pondering* (hmmm - what was I saying?) ;)

Oh yea... pullease...