28 May 2007

*sniff* another rite of passage...

Graduation Day... May 26, 2007
Honor Roll all year
Party-St Anthony's Sun Jun 3 - Be there! ;)
Congratulations, Junior... It's been a long, rough road for you and me. I'm more proud of you than you will ever know.
Ahem, you may now start paying rent... ;)
Love <3
Ahhh, graduation day. She's a nervous wreck; I'm running around crazy. Parking is non-existent. My mother, my other daughter, her best friend and best guy friend, one of my best friends and her significant other are there. Her father didn't show after promising her he would be there 3 days prior. His phone was off all day. Stellar show, dad. *thumbs up* Fucknut.
2 years of drugs and alcohol, 1 1/2 years probation, 2 years in Early Childhood Development working with kids and learning there was more out there than just being a partygirl, 2 years of working and being ultra-responsible. Extra special thanks to the teachers who inspired, encouraged, and motivated. Hmm, wonder if I should send a cake to the local Police Department? :) She's earned every letter on that diploma. Did I mentioned I cried?
Hope your holiday weekend was peaceful and wonderful. Got to speak to quite a few Heroes in the midst of the festivities. 14 from my daughter's class are going on to join the Armed Forces. One of them being an ex-boyfriend (who I really liked) and is leaving Tuesday. Go Adam. :)
Miss B
ps... no moving this weekend. *phew*


Tater said...

Well big time congrats! I'd be very proud as well.


Wien. said...

Congratulations to you both! Graduation is a big deal, worth every tear we shed as the proud moms we are.

Miss B said...

Thanks Tater, Wien... it was a day we weren't sure we would see a couple years ago. My most difficult child has now become the one that surprises me the most...

Party, Sunday... Come on over! ;)

Miss B