01 May 2007

Miss Behavin' is on the road again...

Sorry folks... been a busy few days... I've done nothing but take notes and enter blurbs of sentences in a draft post that if posted would leave you thinking I'm more insane than you already do... :)

Suddenly, we're way overbooked on the company side at work... just my luck! :) Gets me out of the office and makin' sure I still have the skills to stretch my legs a bit.

Headin' out to Zanesville OH tonight to deliver product in a pneumatic tank... that's right, folks~tonight I'm a certified, bonafide, grain-haulin' Tanker Yanker, c'mon! ;)

Got my cool shades, my Pete jacket, my company low-profile hat and my Valentine 1-all systems go, we are clear for takeoff... those of you on 70 East, get out of my way!

Home early from work to nap, reset the logbook, and we're locked and loaded... cool night, just me, the stars and the open road... can't wait!!!

More stories from the road when I return tomorrow... promise! There's already been minor stupidity today (not expecting to go out, so having to crawl along the catwalk in flip-flops to pop the lids to load this afternoon, skippin' the fifth wheel 'coz the yard guys have no clue how to drop the air bags when they drop a trailer, no clippies readily available so with the 80 degree temps I look like a blonde brillo pad), so I'm sure there will be more along the way! I've already figured out I need to get back in the truck 'coz I found out just how old and fat my tired ass is today!!! ;)

Everybody have fun... Miss Behavin' has left the building...

East bound and down
loaded up and truckin'
we gonna do what they say can't be done
we got a long way to go
and a short time to get there
look out smokey
watch Miss Behavin' run


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