17 May 2007

Just a Wee Bit o' Gloat...

50/50 – typically well-done. Your writing addresses all elements of the assignment, provides specific details, and demonstrates a strong grasp of the materials involved in the subject. Your writing skills far outpace those of your contemporaries, and set your work off by itself from the pack. Keep up the good – no, great work in your future classes, and you will breeze through this degree program, and the one following it!

This is the instructor's comment on my final essay turned in for the first class I have completed in almost 15 years. 98.5% final grade. I should be finishing up my second course within the next week(Proficiency in Writing.) Hmm. *giggle* Then on to Human Sexuality and Geography. Related? A good student could tie them together... ;)

Ok, I'm done. As Tater says, bragging doesn't become anyone, so I'll cease... heh. Just wanted to share.

Speaking of sharing - I have several posts I want to get into and I am feeling the crunch. Yours Truly is now employed at a second profession (NOT the oldest one) bartending/waitressing at a local restaurant on the lake... starting TONIGHT, in an HOUR... *sigh* Hope I remember how to pour a headless beer...

Please, talk amongst yourselves... give me a topic and we'll run with it... I'm going to get a full-time job just blogging one day.

Love ya'll

Miss B


Anonymous said...

”Your writing skills far outpace those of your contemporaries,” Well heck I could have told ya that, and saved ya bunched of bucks in tuition!

Ouch, second job, now that’s painful. Sorry you have to go that way, if I ever get up to your neck of the woods, I’ll stop in for a cool one and tip big!


Miss B said...

lol, Tater, I just adore you... NOW you tell me... heh

yep, second job, no sweat, been there before. training nights suck. made one (1) dollar tip last night (not allowed to take food orders yet, and not too many drinking that the main bartender wasn't serving.) That's alright, it wasn't too bad, and it "feels" right. I think it's gonna be a fun summer by the lake...

And Tater, if you and/or the Mrs make it up to Wright-Patt, dude, look me up because I'm a bit over an hour and a half from there, and I'll buy YOUR beer! (you still have to tip, though!) ;)