09 May 2007

Don't Start that Sh*t Again...

USMC Cpl Chelsea signed up with Soldiers' Angels for moral support during this difficult deployment. She writes..
I am from Michigan and am currently stationed in Iraq this is my second time here and I have junior marines that have never been here before. I have written several companys to even just be pen pals with us and they have said that they do not support the war and will have nothing to do with us. If at all possible could you even just write to some of my marines? Thank You.

Lucky she didn't pass on the names of the companies... we've been through this before. Remember the ass clown from Wisconsin who emailed back and told the Heroes to get out of their country? Yea. Let's go there again.

I don't like being at war. I hate that our folks are dying. I'd rather them be home with their families and loved ones. I dislike seeing our country so divided, because it affects every aspect of our lives. But I DAMN sure like the fact that we have folks willing to protect us, and if our fearless leaders send them to remote countries for reasons beyond my scope, I WILL support them and be there. If we did not have them, we would be fair game for every POS third world and jibber-jabberin' country to come in and wreak havoc. You think it's bad now? Imagine life without a military. Lighten up, folks. Grasp firmly with both hands and pull your heads out of your asses. They are pieces in a game; they are not the game.

'Nuff said...

Miss B

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