02 April 2007

Duck, Duck... Splat

Travelling with my children is one joy I have above most. I love driving, anything. Me, the road, little music and I'm happy. Add in my kids, and it's usually a good time. (Wasn't always that way, especially when they were young - I was young, tired and too stressed to appreciate it.) Now, it's cool. They like the same types of music I do (my youngest girl has a great appreciation for classic rock - woo hoo!) Since the majority of the time on the road is spent with her, we always run into something stupid - funny.

We were in the car on the way home last Friday evening, going down a country road we've been on a thousand times. We're talking, I'm scanning the road and from my left comes a duck out onto the road. We're only doing about 50, but this thing takes off at a run, and I know better than to swerve on a skinny road in an SUV. I try to brake so it can get across or underneath, but he just takes off and next thing I know... thump thump... *sigh* I look out my mirror and see it rolling across the road back the way it came out. I look at my daughter, she looks at me, and I feel so awful. It was one of those really pretty colored ones with the green band around the neck. (I'm guessing one that they bought special for their pond.) And then the stupidity begins. Several times over the weekend, birds come at us seemingly out of nowhere, straight at the jeep. They walk onto the road, swoop down from underpasses; they're on a crazed mission to hit us. And every time we see one, we think of that poor duck.

So running out to my brother's this weekend for my birthday celebration (which was a total blast because I have a cool family) we're music searching because we're just not in a country mood. She's very talented, sings like an Angel, even has a duet in this year's musical for school. She looooovvvvvvvvvess all types of music, especially musicals and different genres. She whips out the soundtrack to Grease, to which we sing all the way through (one song she's Olivia, the next one I am!). Next it's the super stars of the past with My Boyfriend's Back, Leader of the Pack, Sugar Sugar, Houndog... fun! Then mid-Ohio we find the greatest rock station, EVER. 97.5 WONE. And for 1 1/2 hours we listened to the most awesome music. Little Center Field by Fogerty, little Tiny Dancer by Elton, little Pink Floyd, little Life's been Good by Joe Walsh, little John Cougar Authoritah, .38 Special, Deep Purple, Bad Company... just some damn good music.

Icing on the cake (literally) was hangin' out with my brother and his family. His wife is great, the kids are really fun, and my little brother, eh, he's alright too! ;) He and my daughter always jam on the electric guitars, I get me some baby lovin' from little Miss Emily, and the boys are non-stop energy! The oldest boy decorated for the party with balloons and streamers. He couldn't WAIT to show me when we got there. Mom was there, stopped to see Dad on the way home. Great weather, good times. I get back home to find my oldest has cleaned the house (CLEAN clean!) made supper and was ready to hang out and watch movies with me. (This is NOT typical.)

*sigh* I could wish for lots more wonderful times like this, but I like to bask in and enjoy the ones I have. They are so few and far between. May you all have a peaceful memory in the making...

Miss B

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