04 April 2007

Classic Blue Angels... Stellar!

I just love awesome flying machines and the folks that make them roll over and do tricks... these made their way to me, some of my faves of the bunch. :)

Isn't this the coolest? Blue Angels over NYC... Pre 9/11 *sigh*

Blue Angels over Niagara Falls....

Coming in over Alcatraz...

Courtesy of Chief Flora, Retired USN


Tater said...

First pic was obviously pre 9/11 (twin towers), but it was certainly after '67! Hornets weren't around then. Would guess '90s.


Miss Behavin said...

tater, I stand corrected. had I double-checked before I posted, I would have seen that '67 was a year Chief Flora was still active... forgive the transgression.

The first one was one of my faves because of the towers... *sigh*

Really? They weren't around? Hmmm, thanks Hero, you've given me something to research... cool! ;)