23 March 2007

Update on my F$@*@& Sprint Phone...

As I have no issues with letting people know there's a product I'm not happy with (Sprint), so too am I just as eager to share with you the products I love.

In the continuing saga of the cell phone, I'm tellin' ya folks -
this is the bee's knees. (70's show recently on-lol) This nifty little universal charger will charge ANY standalone cell phone battery within a few hours and is easily portable. It ships to you usually within a week, and at $5.90, I highly suggest getting one for all your loved ones. Even not on sale at list $13.99, it's worth every penny. I also picked up a replacement battery for my phone ($12!!!!) that normally runs $80 in the stores... hmmm, future in resales of electronics??? *mental note - hit the lottery, open electronics store*

Sure, you have the minor aggravation of having to switch batteries. Kind of a pain when in the middle of a conversation. However, sure beats knowin' that you can't talk whenever you want because you don't want to run the battery down and not have the means to recharge. And for me, some days its difficult to come up with the funds just to go to the grocery; there's no way a battery was in the budget. So I scrimped for a couple weeks, and it's the best investment I've made for awhile. I don't have the cost of a new phone. I don't have to extend a contract with a company I'm not happy with. I am now content. At least with my phone. :)

Check out cellphoneshop.net - All kinds of cool accessories and gadgets... I'm a gizmo girl!

Miss B

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