22 March 2007

It's official, I'm an UnderGrad again...

I'm accepted, financed, enrolled, signed up for classes and the books have been sent... I am back at school. Kind of. :)

I'm enrolled in the American Military University. My last degree was Computer Science back in 1993. I programmed, networked, analyzed, and built computers for a number of years. I owned a consulting firm for a few years. It (along with my marriage-they were related) ended and thus began my shift into Logistics. So here we go, Bachelor in Transportation/Logistics with a strong background in Security/Intelligence. Online-my favorite way.

So I'm excited... and a little nervous. Study habits need to be formed again, and I keep pretty busy with Soldiers' Angels and looking for a second part-time job. But LAK (Life after Kids) is coming up quickly now, so wish me luck. I'm ready to move forward...

Miss B

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