21 March 2007

Life in Lists-Places I'm going to see before I die

(In no particular order)
Arlington National Cemetary
Niagara Falls
Statue of Liberty
The Wall
Frankenmuth MI
The Grand Canyon
The Eiffel Tower
Pearl Harbor
The ocean
The Gulf of Mexico
New Orleans


Tater said...

Frankenmuth MI?? Never heard of it. Is there something there?


Miss Behavin said...

ooohhh tater... is there ever... :) Christmas shops open ALL YEAR ROUND!!! I loooooovvvveee Christmas, and I just know Santa's gonna bring me what I wish for most this year...

And before you float off into the blogosphere, let me just say thanks for stoppin' by and most of all Thank You sir. I sure am thankful that you're doin' what you do. Ya'll be safe over there Hero... and by all means, feel free to keep in touch when you deploy... I'm a military history fan myself... would just love to talk with you. and of course, excellent taste in movies and music ;)cool pic, hands down. jemcelina at aol dot com.

don't forget Soldiers' Angels at soldiersangels.org... I'm a Team Leader for the Letter Writing Team... we love you folks!!!

Miss Behavin said...

forgive me tater... misread... description of pic, i see now... but if you DO go back... let me know. I'd love to see more pics.

Pixie said...

I've got your Grand Canyon covered sister. Free room and board... well, you've gotta make me weevil free biscuits!

Love ya!

Miss Behavin said...

deal! I'll bring the weevil-free flour!

sounds like a trip i'm ready to make! :)


Jennifer Tebedo said...

Dearest Tater & Miss Behavin:

Frankenmuth, "Michigan's Little Bavaria", delights over 3 million visitors annually. Come Experience Another World with unique attractions, shopping, restaurants, hotels & camping, festivals, and family fun!

Regardless of the time of year, the festivities are always in full bloom. Whether you come for a chicken dinner, to buy a special ornament, attend one of Frankenmuth’s many festivals or to simply see what’s new, Frankenmuth welcomes you with its flower-lined streets and Bavarian hospitality. Frankenmuth is where memories are made and traditions begin ~ Come rediscover Frankenmuth!

Where memories are made and traditions begin...

Don't miss Michigan's Own Military & Space Museum either. We'll see you soon!

Miss Behavin said...

Well now I want to come up there even more!!! I've heard it's beautiful, especially in the fall... It may have to move up closer to the top of my list... :)

Thanks Jennifer... have a fantabulous day!

Miss B

Tater said...

Wow, I'll have to ask my wife if she's heard of Frankenmuth. She's a Christmas junkie, has bought tons of Christmas ornaments everywhere we've been stationed.

No not in the ME right now, but have spent so much time there I feel like I'm from there! Thanks for all the nice words though.

Like your taste in tunes as well, read the list of the ones you took on the road with you. Don't think I've ever met a lady truck driver before, I find that interesting. I can fly airplanes, and I drove an M-1A tank once, but never got behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer rig before-that's a lot of truck!

Enjoy your blog, will stop by often.


PS. I live on the Gulf of Mexico!