22 March 2007

And the excitement builds...

plans are in place for our trip over the holiday down to Camp LeJeune to see my little Hero, Joel. I'm very excited for several reasons (not withstanding the Buff Hero Proximity factor!) ;)

1) I get to travel... yea! Love to just drive... And God willing, the nice weather will be upon us.

2) I get to mark one place off my List of Places I want to see... namely, the ocean. Have never been to the ocean, and I'm going to make plans to head down that way. Check one off, Joel time, and BHP factor... bonus!

3) Get a well-needed break from the job and life in general as classes will be starting in 10 short days and I'm feeling the stress already.

4) Last, but certainly not least, we are ALL looking forward to a little Joel time. He's such a part of our family, and we truly enjoy hanging out with him. And contrary to my normal behavior, I will actually go shopping for him. The girls will be stoked! (My aversion to shopping is legendary in these parts.) For once, my girls were ok dragging home one of their little wayward friends. He's been a good influence and a stellar example. I'm so proud of him.

So, pack 'em up, head 'em out and let's hit the road! Oh wait... still 2 weeks away. *sigh*

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