24 March 2007

Life in Lists - My Favorite Movies

In no particular order... I can just watch them all the time...

Jumanji - all time favorite "watch with the kids" movie when they were younger.

Pretty Woman - don't we all want the Fairy Tale?

Gone in 60 Seconds - I would LOVE to learn how to boost cars and drive really f~*~*~ fast.

The Dirty Dozen - Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson. Need I say more?

The Wizard of Oz - I have watched this every year since I was a child.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - We dream big, but we all just want loved.

The Enchanted Cottage - Love is Blind

The Last Castle - One of few Redford movies I like.

Gone with the Wind - I am Scarlett in my other life.

Broken Arrow - Travolta is such a good bad guy. And Slater, yum.

All the Godfathers - I SOOO wanted to be part of the Mafia.

Analyze This/Analyze That - Crystal, DeNiro - just f*~*~* funny.

Never Been Kissed - My on-screen crush... *sigh*

Sweet Home Alabama - This is sooo one of my past lives...

Spy Game - another of the few Redford movies I like.

Smokey and the Bandit - C'mon... that's a given.

Michael - It's a Capt Crazy thing.

Anything DeNiro - haven't found a bad one yet.

Anything John Wayne - cheezy or not, he is the American legend. And the movies don't make him.

Any of the Lethal Weapons - Mel was sooo hot before he got stupid.

Bird on a Wire - *sigh-young Mel* and Goldie is always hilarious.

Beverly Hills Cops - they're just funny.

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