26 March 2007

Apparently my little green shirt still has "it" goin on...

Ok... we've talked about my "little red shirt" and how it's a good color for me. I'll admit, the right shade of red sets my hair off well. But I have this shirt... this sage green scoop-neck ribbed t-shirt that I have had for years, has probably seen its better days, and I just can't get rid of it.


Well, besides the fact it was Captain Crazy's favorite shirt... (and that's not the reason) he always used to call it my "little green shirt" that drove him crazy. If he was cranky with me and I knew I'd be seeing him, I'd wear it. He used to tell me it wasn't fair. :) It sets my green eyes off perfectly. I'd never thought about it much, but he would tell me when I wore that shirt in the office, more drivers tended to "hang out" at the window. If I had to lean over to read something on my desk, apparently it set some other things off as well... I never noticed, I never looked that far down. ;) I hadn't worn it in forever; I just happened to grab it out of the drawer today because it was warm out (low 70's) and I wanted to be comfortable.

Apparently, it was a good choice.

Cutie But Not Hottie IT guy was rather pleasant today. Even in the midst of some crisis he was working on. Amusing.

One of the drivers who's been pissy with me lately kept givin' me that "check you out from head to toe" look while he was in the office. *sigh* I had to keep catching his attention with my hand and raising it up to my face. Yo, putz, I'm up here if you want to talk to me.

And I'm not sure where this is coming from but CBNH Warehouse Manager was giving me the same look Capt Crazy did. The one you can't quite read. Hmmm. *giggle*

Alright, I'll behave. I'll save the little green shirt for special occasions, just like the little red one. A girl's gotta have SOME fun at work...

Miss B

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