18 March 2007

Red is SO my color...

Whenever I'm feelin' a little frumpy, and need a shot of feel-good, I have the perfect solution. I just pull out my little red shirt, fluff my hair, and flirt shamelessly with the young guys at work.

I have this little red shirt, long sleeve, v-neck with lacy collar, ribbed tee in a fabulous shade of red. Soon as I put it on, I know it's gonna be a good day. Last week was a rough one and I'd forgotten the magic this little piece of material works for me.

I was in a good mood, hair looked great (of course) and I was just reeling in the effect I was having on 2 little cutie-but-not-hotties at work. Normally, I don't give the folks at work much of a thought; don't mix business and pleasure, ya know. All it took for the IT guy was to lean over his desk and pout a little because my "computer wasn't playing nice with me" and not only was I fixed, he spent most of the day camped out in my area, and kept finding the littlest excuses to talk to me.

The warehouse manager, though much quieter, and usually not one for idle chit chat, is more of a challenge. Happened to run into him at the time clock, flashed him that "cute" smile, ignored him and walked back into the office, opposite of the warehouse. I'd passed him several times, he never spoke to me, and I'm not usually given to speaking to people first (unless, of course, I'm feeling sexy and looking stellar.) ;) Standing in the walkway beside a co-worker's desk, he happens by, so I square off to him, do that little hip twist thing and give him my best dead-on stare (I AM standing right in his path) about 8 inches away, say "good morning" and hold his gaze. He stops in his tracks, squares off with me and says "good morning" back. I just chuckle and head on back to my work area, leaving him there with a really strange look on his face, shakin' his head.

*giggle* I'm soooo good when I'm bad. ;)


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