01 February 2007


Where to begin???

Ok... My Hero made it back onto US Soil safe and sound Wednesday.
Backtrack: we chatted quite frequently (thank God for the Internet!) Even with silly foreign ISP thingys and getting cut off all the time... at least I knew for the moment he was ok. Weekend phone calls as well... I just LOOOVVVEE the sound of his voice... but, I digress. ;) So the wee hours of the morning on the 20th was the last chat I had with him from the Sandbox... I had to stop re-reading because it broke my heart all over again every time. So I moved onto re-reading all our emails over and over (AND OVER) just to feel like I was talking to him. (Yep, voices in the head and all!) Had to stop doing that at work... I'm pretty sure everyone there thinks I'm a multiple-personality by now. (Hey, I kept #3 and #17 pretty well under control, but #9, eh, she was a bit out of control.) The last phone call was Thurs the 25th from a transitional stop (which I believe was about the last time I posted here -- sorry folks... basket case) and it was pure hell from there. I don't know why I worry, I mean hey, the folks flyin' those planes are trained to do that... they SHOULD be able to handle it, right? *sigh* lol didn't matter. I talked to God an awful lot that week. (Ok God, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let them get home safe... pleasepleaseplease etc etc.) :) Tried not to flood his email inbox with silly fluff mails -- THAT was hard! I was having chat, email and phone withdrawal. Quitting smoking was NOTHING compared to THAT!!! I had a vague timeframe, I knew if I didn't hear something within the next day or two, I should REALLY start worrying. (Holy cow, could I worry ANY more??? I think not.) So I sent an email Wed (the 31st) about 4p from work (like I was able to actually DO any work) and tried to keep it light and happy. About 20 minutes later, I get a phone call...

"This is Jackie." (I'm so professional-lol)
"Hi sweetheart, it's Jeff."
Now, I am not always the most well-spoken person, but I'm usually not often speechless. About 10 seconds later, (no kidding-he actually said "Hello?") all I could manage to get out was a whispered "Thank God". He laughed (I love his laugh) and then the questions began! Are you ok? yes. How was the flight? long. (20 hours!) On and on for about 20 minutes. Then I remembered I was at work. :) So with the promises of calls at home and plans for next weekend we hung up.

So I posted at the Soldiers' Angels forum, emailed everyone and just generally f*$*%d off for the rest of the afternoon. Went to dinner with a friend i used to work with, celebrated and made it home just in time for da da daaaa... another phone call. :) Life is good.

And life is great... one of my closest friends and her husband had their baby today. I visited after work. Mom and baby are doing well. Dad recovered nicely. Stayed out of the line of vision and helped her. lol. You're a trooper, man! Alivia Mae. Pretty little blonde-hair, blue-eyed baby girl. *awww* We've been waiting for this for a while. They've been trying for a few years. Yay!!! So I got me some baby-lovin' and played with baby feet!!! :) I love baby feet. She's gorgeous. Congratulations my friends, you deserve it.

My daughter got a car from her sister's grandparents for graduation. After the fiasco with the other one (still not completely resolved yet) at least she has a fairly decent vehicle and didn't have to go into debt to anyone. What a nice gesture. Thanks a bunch!

And again tonight, I talked to my love and I'm so excited about next weekend! I have a few surprises for him (no, dear, I'm not going to put it on here... I know YOU read this too!!!) and I know he's going to love them. Can't wait! Missing you Smoochy Bear... ;)

And that was my week in a nutshell... how was yours? :)

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