09 January 2007

I wasn't going to watch...

I wasn't even paying attention. I was finishing up supper dishes, puttering around the house, and I got the phone call.

"Are you watchin'??!" My favorite Medic from Afghanistan.
"uh... no... boycotting, remember?" Me, MI fan. Big enough MI fan that I could not even root for the Big 10 last night.
"Oh, you have to watch, Ohio State is ahead."
"Whatever. Not interested."
"Oh, come on..." We proceeded to chit chat for awhile and when I was finished puttering, I went online. Just to check the score. Hey, I had Angeling to do.

So, I tune in about 6 minutes from the half. 24-14 Gators. No way! Pulled up my CSTV Gametracker, and just watched in disbelief for the next 2 quarters.

Of course, I diligently sent my Medic Hero email updates at every turn...
F-f-f fumble, leading to Sc-Sc-Sc-SCORE!!!
And then of course, the coup de grace, the final email:

Ahem, chhheeemm, CHHEEEMMM
na na naaa na, na na naaaa na,

hey heyyyy hey .... goo-ood bye
good game, eh? (He's from WI)
beddy-bye for me... big day tomorrow at
the office, must.. torment.. staff... lolololol

Think I'll start it out by walking in the door and saying "Hey! I thought you said Ohio State was playing last night... I never saw them show up!"

Oh man, I slay me! Hugs and a GREAT
BIG CRYING TOWEL... 27 points worth of crying towel, baby!!!

He was not amused. LOLOLOLOLOL. He told me not to torment the staff TOO much. (Sure dear, no more than they gave me.)

And of course, I had to email one of my closest friends at work and let her know I was thinking of her in this difficult time... She has yet to answer me...

Last email, Transportation Manager for one of our largest customers, based in Florida, who supports my MI cause:

Hi Brooks -- how 'bout that game???!!

I walked in the office this morning (Remember: I had previously boycotted the game…) and did my best to sound genuinely confused…

“I thought Ohio State was supposed to play last
night…. I kept watchin’ but they never showed up!!!”

They were not amused.

I, however, have been sufficiently amused for the entire
day. They were all giving me grief over last week’s MI/USC game yesterday. Which, I admit, sucked. BAD.

ALMOST as bad as OSU last night…

Anyhow… figured ya’ll were havin’ a good day down there!

He actually responded... apparently he made some money off the game as well! :)

So NOW I have to listen to the whiners talk about how at least they "GOT" to the National Championship... um, pardon me, but I don't recall them actually showing up!!! 3 sacks, fumble and transparent defense... OK. And as I recall, the "3-point" game between OSU/MI was MUCH MUCH closer than the, ahem, "27-point" game, (and I use that term loosely) for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

I have been vindicated... oh and what's this??? A half-hearted response from my friend giving excuses and reasons (51 days off, bad calls, injuries...) *filing nails, looking bored* :)

It's good to be me...

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