08 January 2007

And Here we go Again...

Deja Vu all over again... OSU/Gators, blah blah blah. I was attacked with it from the moment I walked into work by a driver and most of the front office staff. At least I could say, "'Well, Notre Dame looked worse.'" :)

So everyone is up in arms, again. Half the drivers want the morning off; the game doesn't start til 8p. I hear bits and pieces that the Gators could take it. I don't care (see prev post about them pissing/moaning/whining their way into the Bowl.)

I'm gonna go home, listen to some music, do my Angel thing and catch the highlights on the internet... I am not that interested. Unless, of course, the Gators actually pull it off. :) Then I will care a great deal tomorrow, at the office, til everyone is sick of hearing about it, like I was about MI/OSU and MI/USC. Granted, the USC game sucked, I'm thinking MI didn't even show up...

3 hours til game time!!! ;)

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