22 December 2006


Sitting here at my desk at work, I find myself in an unusually foul mood. It's the Friday before Christmas. The office is filled with smells of great food brought in by everyone. The staff is in a festive mood. I however, am not.

Part of this is due to the cold I'm fighting; complete with stuffy nose, chapped lips from breathing through my mouth only, and exhaustion from lack of sleep last night. Pulled out the old remedies: Sudafed (yes, they look at me like I'm a meth freak), hot tea and Vicks at bedtime. It helped a bit, had to keep getting up and reapplying.

Part of my foul mood is this F*$(%(N SPRINT phone. I've had trouble with the pin connecting so it will stay charged, and this morning I plugged in my car charger and it bent the pin (Inside the phone - NOT attached to the battery and OF COURSE not easily repairable). I hate Sprint phones. Cheap-ass mother-)#%(*&'S. I'm not in a position to buy a new phone, which of course comes with a new contract because you can't just replace the g*#%*(%( phone.

Anyhow, as I'm sitting here at my desk shuffling papers and trying to look busy but not really giving a s&$&, I'm reminded of a person I worked with about 5 years ago at a trucking company. Now, I'm not an Angel, never claimed to be. Try to be professional in public, and proper in my speech. I admit, when I get fired up, I can swear with the best of them. My old boss used to tell me I'd make a sailor blush. I'm not proud of it, but I accept my flaws. The girl I used to work with made ME look like an Angel. Anyhow, when we would get going, it was pretty brutal. We decided amongst ourselves that we must have a hidden form of Turrett's Syndrome. (This is a condition in which someone uncontrollably spews forth profanity, among other symptoms - I do not know all of them.)

So we would be moving along just burning up the office with F((*&^ this and Mother-#**(( that and pretty much every foul word in between and her wishing terminal illnesses on people. To lighten the mood and break the streak, one of us would look and the other, say "Turrett's!!!" and stick our tongues out. Then we'd burst out laughing and whoever happened to be our target of the moment would use that chance to escape before we could start again.

Ok, we were not the nice girls of the office, but we got sh** done. And our productivity and abilities far outweighed our demeanor.

We've both since moved on and I know I've calmed down... can't speak for her. Although from some of the stuff she tells me, doesn't sound like it. :) But it was a funny memory... and suddenly I don't feel so much like stabbing myself in the neck with a pencil.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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