20 December 2006

Another Proud "Almost" Mom Moment # 12,689

I got home from work tonight and walked in the door to my daughter hollering from her room, "Come here mom!" Usually this signals a long conversation about the latest stuff at school and blah blah blah that takes me a minute to focus on because I talk to so many people at my job.

So I wander down the hall and start into her room. Something is off. I see her on one side of the room, and at the foot of her bed (which you cannot see in entirety from the door because of the way the closet is built in) is a pair of really shiny dress shoes. ???

I walk in and my new Marine gets up to say hello to me... he just finished Basic on the 8th and he's home to visit. (This is the kid that stayed with us over the summer when he had nowhere else to go.) He looked so HANDSOME in his dress uniform and like a little grown up man!!! *sniff* He was telling me about his basic, he had a pin (MARKSMAN). Missed Expert by just a hair but is positive he'll qualify next time!!! Was telling me about his schedule (he used to stay up til 6-7a then sleep all day -- NOT NOW!!!) He's different, definitely more mature (although being an AF kid, he was mature before) and such a gentleman!

He's coming back over the weekend to see everyone and have a holiday with us. I'm so very proud of him!!! He says life is "way better" than it was before he went in. I just know he's gonna do an awesome job!!! I couldn't help it... on his way out the door, I saluted him!

*pardon me while I go bawl now*

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