06 December 2006

Speaking of Cell Phones...

We live with them; we can't live without them. Some people have them constantly glued to their ears. Others (like me) have them because when I was driving truck, it was nice to have the reassurance of the phone in the event something happened (breakdowns and such). I didn't mind talking in them too much (with a headset) but after working years in an office and getting literally hundreds of phone calls a day, I can live without the phone.
Anyhow, getting back to my memory, one of my best friends (Angie) who also drives and practically lives on the phone (with headset for safety, of course!) calls and we catch up from time to time. Usually she catches me on the way home from work. This is difficult to do because with Sprint, if you pass a telephone pole you could lose your signal, especially in this area. There's this one patch on the way home where I drive between 2 woods and lose my signal for about 30 seconds. Most of the time.
This particular time we were gabbing and having much fun (as we always do) and it suddenly got really quiet. This usually indicates that one of us has dropped. So I wait a few seconds and I hear her say "F*****n Sprint!" So I pipe up and say "What? I'm still here." She starts laughin', I'm damn near peeing myself! Ok, I know, you had to be there. But it WAS hilarious. So every time I talk to her and our calls are dropped, we call each other back and the first thing we say is "F*****n Sprint!"
I don't care, it was funny! And it's MY blog. :P~~~

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