06 December 2006

A Beautiful Surprise

I'm leaving work yesterday, a not-so-typical Tuesday. There's something different about it because I normally have bad Tuesdays. (Not bad Mondays, bad Tuesdays) It had been a decent day, was looking forward to getting home and watching my Christmas lights (MUCH better than a taffy machine! ;) )
Anyhow, I start my Jeep to let it warm up (because its Arctic around here) and I notice my phone says I have some missed calls. It stays in the Jeep while I'm working because inside my office I get no signal and it just wears my battery down. So I listen to my messages; a couple friends left me messages to call. And there it was.
The final message, from a number I did not recognize, was my favorite Medic Hero from halfway across the world. He'd left a message to say Hi and he'd look for me online later (we chit chat quite a bit to pass the time when he's not out saving the world!). For a moment - complete joy! How cool was that? *tissue moment*

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