20 December 2006

One of my Best Christmas Presents EVER...

After having a very yucky day Monday, I came home to a priority mail package at my door. I wasn't expecting anything from my family as we're getting together next week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was from one of my "unofficials" (unofficially adopted by me through Soldiers' Angels) with whom I have quite a bit of contact.

Folks, inside this box, folded carefully was our Flag, complete with a folder containing the provenance certificates for its mission flown over his station area. The certificates were made out with my name, and signed by several high-ranking Heroes. I was without words. I'm still stunned. The magnitude of this gesture is almost overwhelming.

I spent an hour hugging this Flag and crying. Of course, the certificates will be framed. The Flag I will hang in a display box on the wall above the certificates. I've been searching for the right kind of display set up; I may have it custom made. I don't know yet... it's still very much a surprise!!!

I sent him a message to let him know I received it and was blown away. He was pleased that it brought me such joy! I was then blessed about an hour later by a phone call from him from halfway around the world. What a beautiful evening!

I can't wait to speak with him!!! This was the bestest gift, ever! When he gets home, I'm giving him the biggest hug in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

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