20 December 2006

And Yet they give the Morons a License

I'm driving to work same as every morning... only this morning there's fog (I know!!! In DECEMBER???) so I'm holding the speeding down. Following a big truck up a State Route, we come to a light where two SR's cross. We get the red. I stop about 20 feet behind the truck, as I usually do. Why I don't know, just leaving myself an out, I guess. I'm glad I did.

I look in my side mirror (habit from driving a big truck-hardly use my inside mirror) and realize that the vehicle coming up behind me is still coming up at pretty close to full speed. I do NOT need this today. I feel the adrenaline kick and the nausea set in.

So I step on the gas, bounce forward and stop about 5 feet from the truck. I see the car behind me just barely stop, headlights bouncing. So I move forward just a bit more and somehow have escaped being rear-ended by the idiot with the iced over windows. (Yep, in the lighting at the stop, I could see their windows were still iced up and they had just a little space to see out.) Once the light turned green I went through, and watched as the car behind me turned into a gas station on the corner. I had to fight the urge not to go over there and kick their ass.

There's a reason we have a defrost folks, and ice scrapers are pretty cheap. It takes a few extra minutes and can save your life, or someone else's. Namely mine. If I wanted to die for your stupidity, I'd be in the service right now. Ya putz.

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