13 December 2006

It's that time of year...

Holiday lights, festive moods, office parties, gatherings with friends, presents, wonderful meals, reminiscing, making new memories, cookies and candies, wish lists three pages long. What a wonderful season!

The person who's quiet, withdrawn, sad. Those who keep to themselves at the office so they don't have to answer the question of whether they have their "shopping" done because its too embarrassing to admit they won't be doing any shopping. They'll be thrilled to pay the rent and be able to buy milk and bread. Wish lists three items long: money, food, fuel. They cry silently when they are alone because their children will have no Christmas again this year. They don't have someone to share the burdens of life with. They don't gather at friends' because they have to choose between fuel to get there and back or fuel to get to work and back. They eat macaroni and butter because they know they can live on it - they've done it before. They'll be lucky to have tuna for their holiday meal, because God knows they can't afford ham. They would rather die than let anyone know they have to choose between food for the week or the electric bill. They can't work any harder than they do and they still can't make it. They care so much for other people that's where their focus is. It keeps them from going mad. It's always easier to take care of someone else rather than yourself. They know no one will see because no one ever does. They are masters at projecting a happy, secure image that broods no questions. They have psuedo-feelings, because the real feelings are too scary. There are very few they let in. They remember the pain. Time heals it, but the scars remain. And sometimes they just rip right back open and it takes more time. Holidays don't help. Can't turn off the world. The spiraling thoughts, the ensuing depression. What a harsh season.

Everyone caught up in their own worlds. Life going on despite the odds. All of us with our own sets of personal strife. He's lost his job, she's being beaten every night, the kids don't have enough food, they wrecked the car and it isn't totalled but they don't have the money for the decuctible and no other way to work. The sleepless nights worrying about which bill can be put off this week and still not lose everything they own.

So remember if you are fortunate enough to have the parties and gatherings and the presents under the tree and the ham and the rent (or house payment such as it may be) to be especially grateful for that this year, and send up a prayer for those who have less.

And let's remember the Heroes who are out there doing what they do so we can do what we do. The ones who will not be home for the Holidays, the ones who live on less than one meal a day, no sleep and no heat. The ones who will be praying to God that they make it home to the ones that forget God and Jesus are what all the celebration is about.

Happy Holidays all... such as they may be. May you find a moment's peace in your world.

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