01 December 2006

I will never be carded again... *sigh*

You know how it goes... you go in somewhere to buy alcohol or cigarettes and each of us "over 25" women secretly hope that the 12 year old ditz behind the counter will humor us by asking for our license. (Which, of course we ALWAYS carry with us because we know they'll never ask.)

Tonight I stopped to fill up the Jeep, went inside, grabbed something to drink and made my way to the counter. As I'm waiting patiently in line, I'm fighting the urge to buy some cigarettes (as you know the quit smoking thing is in effect and it is sooooo difficult to not just buy one more pack). Anyhow, I'm reading all the little signs that they have hanging around because 1) I'm bored and 2) it's what I do. I read stuff. Doesn't matter what. So I scan the signs and find the one that says "To buy alcohol you must have been born this date before 1985" and "To buy tobacco you must have been born this date before 1988". That stopped me dead in my tracks. To all who know me, you know what those years signify. It was then I realized, I will NEVER be carded again. I am getting old. No one would for a minute think I was 21, let alone 18. *sniff* I TELL myself that I carry my license with me all the time because of my job and needing ID to get into certain plants. And most of the time, I almost believe it.

I now believe I'm going to use the pay-at-the-pump exclusively. :)

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