20 November 2006

Well, it wasn't QUITE over...

Ok, I admit, I got excited about "the game". It's a big game, we're SUPPOSED to be excited about it!!! I was proud of my team, I was willing to take the lumps that come with the trash talking. That's all part of the hype.

So I go into work this morning, head held high, ready to face whomever (coz you KNEW it was gonna be that way). I was surprised, almost let down, really. I had only one person make any remark, and I commiserated a little with Ben the Scale Master, but that was it. Where was the "told ya"s and "You suck!"s??? I didn't get it. Everyone was replaying the game, hashing about the calls, and just saying they hope USC doesn't give MI the chance to play OSU again this year. I have to admit, I was quite let down.

And then Jason walked in... Now, let me tell ya a little about Jaybird. He's one of our drivers, cool guy, knows how to get sh*t done. He's one of our hardest working, butt kicking drivers. (He was much help to me when I was first learning how to do the grain hauler thing...) He and his wife just recently had their second boy...(go Jason!) Well, he walks right up behind me, grabs me by the neck and starts shakin' me goin "Yea, who won the game, huh, huh??? Who's the winners now? You're not talkin' so much now that it's all over!!!" Of course, I expressed complete shock and dismay that Jaybird would do that to ME of all people, and in front of everyone!!! (Of course, inside I was completely happy that someone at work FINALLY gave me some grief over it and my day was good!) I love being competitive, it's my nature and it helped that he came back to the yard JUST because he knew I was gonna be in here and he wanted to rub it in. God Love Ya!!! Thanks Jason... you know how to cheer a girl up! :)

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