18 November 2006

Proud Mom Moment #9,362 - Haley MAKES District Choir

My little baby girl is growing up! *sniff* She loves music, any kind of music. She's in band, choir, district band(tried out and made it last week-yay) and went this morning to try out for district choir. We'll log on later and check the website for those who made it. Good luck Pickle! Congratz babygirl... I'm so happy for you!!!

I have her every other weekend and split holidays. It's not always pretty, but that's life. :) We make it work and I'm always happy to have her. Riding home in the car is when I get to catch up with her. (Some quality "us time" with good music ALWAYS on!) This is where I find out all the latest scoop on her. (Grades, band stuff, tryouts, friends.) I NEVER get to hear about boyfriends -- she doesn't share that with ME. She ONLY shares with her older sister. (I don't have a sister - can't relate.) So I have to hear it second-hand. She tells me its because she doesn't want me to worry too much. God love her! I know better, I was in high school once, many light years ago.
She was telling me this week she's gotten 2 letters from colleges already (she's a Sophomore). She's a 4.0, has been since she started school. Her father and I joke about her grade cards now. I tell him I'll just keep the copy from the previous year. :) That's not to discount her efforts by any means. We're all so proud of her! She's done a fabulous job and it's to her credit. I graduated with pretty good grades, but I stopped being able to help her with math after about her 8th grade year. :) They just don't do it like they used to!!! I loved math, it just wasn't my forte. She placed 4th in the district competition last year in Defiance. I'm in awe.
So, little Haley, always remember whatever path you choose, I am behind you 110%. Like your older sister, I know you can do anything to which you set your mind. Don't let anyone (even me) tell you that you can't.
Much love babygirl... momma

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