18 November 2006

Just Hours til Game Time... You can still come over to the Dark Side...

With just hours to go, I have received emails from both my Hero and my mentor trying to convince me to root for *choke* OSU. They've offered me crying towels, laughed at me, and sent me huge banner signs saying silly things like "go bucks". Yea. Get right on that. Not.

I am looking forward to this game much more than in past years, mostly because I have people in my lives to share it with this year. I really will feel badly (for about .27 seconds) when we emerge victorious, but I shall remain mature and understanding about their sadness. :)
So, that being said, I've got the popcorn out, the cheese dip and little smokies heating up, I've logged in online so I can taunt my Hero in real-time as we watch the game from different time zones, and we're getting ready for the big moment!!!
Dear Hero and Most Gracious Mentor... you still have time. You can be one of the chosen few and make the move to the Dark Side. It will be ok, Princess will be here to guide you and protect you...

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