09 November 2006

Our Heroes Need You!

Soldiers' Angels Foundation is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose sole mission is to support the brave men and women deployed away from family and friends in support of the War on Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever they raise the flag of the United States of America. We provide this support by sending cards, letters and care packages to soldiers who would otherwise receive little or no mail from home. In addition to our main mission, we also work tirelessly to provide our wounded soldiers with transitional backpacks, personal visits, phone calls, assistance with family arrangements, etc. and this is just the beginning.

There are many ways one can become involved with Soldiers’ Angels. One way is to make a cash donation to the organization that will be used by one of our many teams! Or another way is TO BECOME ONE! As a registered Angel, you may get as involved as you are able. If you do not have a lot of time to devote, you can donate money to help the cause. You can also adopt a serviceman or woman in the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force or Coast Guard. If you are like many of us and just cannot get enough, you can also help to provide additional aid and comfort to our deployed military and their families through one or more of the various Soldiers' Angels “Support Teams”, such as:

• Blankets of Hope – homemade blankets given to wounded soldiers
• E-Squad (Email Support) – for soldiers who have access to computers
• Wounded TLC Team – providing support for injured soldiers & their families
• Letter Writing Team – sending letters & cards to soldiers awaiting adoption or who are in need of extra support

A few of our Special Projects:
Operation Armor Up - We purchase and send KEVLAR blankets to our soldiers in the field so that they can line their Humvee's and transport vehicles to protect them from bullets and shrapnel from exploding IED's. Have you saved a life today?
Operation PC/Project Valour – Operation PC is a program where we purchase PC's for wounded soldiers to use while in the hospital and take home with them so that they can keep in touch with their units back in Iraq and Afghanistan. Project Valour includes software programs with voice control for wounded soldiers who cannot type. We are working with a few local businesses and Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas on this worthwhile project.
Backpacks for the Wounded - We provide backpacks full of personal items, toiletries and love to our soldiers returning from battle injured and alone. Many times these soldiers are evacuated out without their personal items, and they cherish what we are able to provide. We include a special handmade blanket – did you know this tradition goes back many, many years?

Operation Call Home - We always have many requests for calling cards so that our brave heroes can talk to their loved ones at home!

www.soldiersangels.org and adopt a SOLDIER TODAY!
For more information contact: Soldiers’ Angels
1792 E Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104 * (626) 398-3131

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