09 November 2006

Nickleback Rocks!!!

Ok... I realize I'm almost 30 ;) but these guys are pretty sexy.... !!! Must be the 80's hair band sound (ahem, not that I'm old enough to remember it) Shut up.

show me what it's like to be the last one standing
and teach me wrong from right
and i'll show you what i can be

and say it for me say it to me
and i'll leave this life behind me
say it if its worth savin me

Somewhere the one i wanna be with's with somebody else

oh god i wanna be that someone that you're with

and i can talk about it all day long til i run out of breath

but i still wanna be that someone that you're with

this time this place misused mistakes
too long too late who was i to make you wait?
just one chance
just one breath
just in case there's just one left coz you know, you know, you know


*Miss Behavin is going to take a personal moment here... sigh*

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