24 November 2006

Nothing like a little humility to bring me back to reality...

As I sit here perusing my favorite sites during my lunch hour, I have found one that has especially touched me today. It is the site of a former Marine that was brought to my attention through my Soldiers' Angels website.


I am sitting at my desk unabashedly with tears rolling down my cheeks as I read a poignant account of a wife sleeping next to her fallen husband for the final night before he's laid to rest, a touching tale of a Fallen Hero being brought home to rest, and a Veteran who wants to stand for Old Glory as she passes but is unable; he is filled with sadness by those who do not know of which he speaks.

As I post silly fluff about kids being rude and my preoccupation with myself, I am moved beyond words by people I do not know, will never meet, and yet they shape my life every day. How selfish and shallow am I? Profoundly.

I ask of you, read this. If for nothing else than a glimpse into life beyond the politics of war and the ignorance of the masses. Agree or disagree with what's shown, because the absolute beauty of that is the fact that we are free to do so.

As I have passed a safe, warm holiday with my family intact, this comes as a special reason to be especially thankful to all the wonderful Heroes of our great land, and not forget the loved ones behind them with unwavering support in the face of their hardships.

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