28 November 2006

Moshin' the Night Away....

We (my brother, his wife and I) went to see a friend of his who plays in a band. This friend of his was very close to them for a long time and they hadn't seen each other in nearly 6 years. The band is a goth rock type band (yep, complete with scary folks in black and a mosh pit-think Marilyn Manson) which is not our style of music but he was there to support his friend. We had a pretty good time. Jim (my brother) hung out around the band while Michelle and I sat back, watched the people and had a great time making fun of the goofy little kids dressed like albino vampires. Sadly, I was the freak because of my blonde hair! lol. I'm sitting here watching a young girl doing all kinds of making out with some guy in a fedora, complete with white face paint and the eyeliner/lipstick ensemble. I look at Michelle and ask her, "Do you think you could kiss a guy who wears darker lipstick than you?" I mean really, what if he smudges all over you? Not something I typically have to worry about. A point to ponder.

Now I'm all for free expression of musical tastes. Though it's not my deal, I understand that this music is obviously liked. I've yet to figure out why. You have a really pissed off guy with his head shaved six different ways screaming incoherently into a mike that's turned up just loud enough to cause your fillings to vibrate out of your teeth. Meanwhile, he's screaming "F*** You", flippin' everyone off and looking like Ozzy did when he bit the head off the bird. I checked, saw no bird. I don't know. I'm also all for freedom of expression, period. I can see dressing the part, that's just society. I do not understand the standing in a group of people you don't know, slamming back and forth into them and knocking your ass silly. All I'm thinking while I was watching the goings on was "Man, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to walk for a week."

Am I getting old?

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