15 November 2006

MI vs OSU - the countdown is on

Ahh yes... the BIG GAME...

Everyone is wound up, talkin' trash and gettin' ready for the ultimate tailgates!!! The folks at work are about evenly split and we're countin' it down!

Of course, being the MI fan that I am, I'm looking forward to the big day. For the first time, we're meeting at 1 and 2... it's gonna be a hell of a game! That is, unless the nerves get the better of the teams. It could very well be a sucky 1st quarter, but then it should take off.

Our company runs down around the Columbus way every day, so the drivers are gearing up for the change in traffic. Ought to make for some interesting trips. When I was in the truck, Columbus was the worst for me. I'd have rather went to Detroit. Columbus drivers are insane. But, I digress...

So 2 more days and we get to mercilessly tease the losers for the entire day Monday. My Hero tells me that should the unthinkable happen and MI loses, it will be constant teasing until the next season. I tell him I'll send him his crying towel. :) We'll see, Hero... bring it!

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