11 November 2006

And Miss Behavin acts up JUST a little...

Ok, you know me. When the situation arises (whatever that may be) I always find a way to insert my well-known sense of humor. Tonight was no different.

Background: I'm in the kitchen putting the rest of the Homemade Crock Pot Chili away - it was awesome! Anyhow, I'm at the counter wrestling with the hot bowl and the very uncooperative plastic wrap and my cell phone starts beeping that I have a text message. I go into the living room (like THAT's a walk, we all know it takes about 4 steps from the kitchen) and look at the phone expecting a text from a) Angie - who's on her way to Colorado tonight, b) my daughter who's out with friends or c) Mr Texas who comes around about every 4 months when he's bored - it's about time for that, but, I digress...

I look at the number, not one I know. The message says "Hello wat r u doin". *thinking to herself because she's such a nut about English and Spelling that texting and emailing is going to be the downfall of the educated person*

Ok, I'll bite. In typical smartass fashion I type back "What do you want me to be doin? ;) Who is this? "

Now, usually when you send a message like that, they realize something may not quite be right and just let it pass... not this one. Couple minutes later (I've taken the 4 steps back to my kitchen and am STILL wrestling with the plastic wrap) the phone goes off again. *sigh* I've won the battle with the wrap, put it in the fridge and wander back to the phone. Yep, same person.

At least they were polite about it. "Lol. sorry wrong number. hehe"

Ok, you know me. I have to have the last word. I no longer deny it, I don't even try to fight it anymore. Out comes the next message. Equally polite, no hard feelings, blah blah blah. "np... peace :) " K, we're done, I can go back to writing my soldiers, blogging and such.

Oh HELL no, it goes off again! "Yep jw u from celina?" Now I'm starting to wonder if it isn't one of the friends of one of my kids messing around. He used to text all the time when he liked my youngest daughter, and he used to use jw (just wondering) all the time. So I figure I'll send a message that will let him know I know its him. (Yep, the prison one -- you all know the story) * see tag story at the bottom for full details

"If I tell you I'll have to go back to prison ;)" figuring that I would either a) let him know I know who he is, b) scare them off to leaving me the hell alone if it wasn't or c) set myself up for new stalker

Guess I have a new stalker. Seriously. The phone goes off. I'm waiting for it this time. "Lol. wtf?" *that's what the f*** for you text abbrev newbies*

So now I have to decide... Do I WANT to continue this pseudoconversation with someone who a) i don't know, b) if they are having a conversation with someone THEY don't know, do I really WANT to know? The choice is easy.

So I type back... (oh come on, like you didn't know I would) "Well ur not who i thought u were. inside joke about not bein afraid 2 go back to prison. actually pretty funny if u know the whole story."

Oughta do it, don't ya think?

Last summer my daughter was seeing a kid who was the son of a friend. We'll call him goofy. Anyhow, the day goofy was going to meet my daughter the first time, he was texting me as we were on the way over to his house. The conversation went like this:

G: So how old is she? jw
Me: Old enough I'll break every bone in your body
G: lol. ya I'll kick ur butt
Me: Listen Mister, I am NOT afraid to go back to prison

Yes, I did. My daughter was mortified. :) He WOULD know who was boss before it was all over. lol.

30 minutes later... (i kid you not) I get back an "ok". Someone has to stop the madness... of course you know it's not going to be me! :) j/k... i am mature enough to discontinue this inane banter b/t 2 ppl who don't know each other. It's not easy... *picked up the phone twice* but it can be done... besides, why waste time doing that when I can be angeling?

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